Mustache, does removing them with a razor make them harder?


Does shaving your mustache with a razor make it grow back harder? A mystery that the time has come to solve, to calmly decide how to eliminate them (or why not, keep them). In total tranquility and without unpleasant consequences.

When it comes to hair removal and, in particular, of that on the face (if ever it were needed) the question we all ask ourselves is this: if I mustache with razor, when they grow back they will be harder? Long? Thick? And so on and so forth, put more.

Legitimate questions and doubts and that is good to have. In order to inquire before making any decision and risk irritating or damaging the skin without solving your (presumed) problem. If the desire to eliminate the mustache is great, then, and the temptation to pick up a razor and act is even more so, here are a whole series of things that you should know before proceeding. To remove your hair with more peace of mind, before, during and after epilation with the razor blade.

Mustache and razor: what really happens when they grow back

If you too are imagining yourself as Hermione Granger in Harry Potter after drinking the Polyjuice potion (i.e. with a face full of cat-like hair), know that no, shave with the razor it will not make you wake up the next morning with a regrowth that is impossible to tame.

And this it’s just one of the many doubts or false myths that revolve around the use of this method of hair removal for the elimination of the mustache. The razor, in fact, although among all the possibilities to choose from is not exactly the most suitable, it still represents a quick and easy remedy to solve (for a very short time) the problem of hair above the lip.

razor mustache

Does the mustache grow back harder?

Obviously with a whole series of tricks and “side effects”, especially with regard to regrowth. To return to the initial question, in fact, we can immediately say that no, shaving your mustache with a razor does not make it grow harder.

What happens, however, is that by eliminating only the superficial part of the hair, thinner and softer, the one closest to the root is left in evidence, with a greater hair diameter. And that, therefore, it is thicker and thicker (“Hard”) than when the hair is at its natural length. In addition to the fact that in this way the regrowth could be more annoying.

mustache hardness

For this reason, even if it may seem that your mustache is harder, in reality it is not. Be alone looking at the root, naturally more robust. But when your hair grows back completely, it will be exactly the same as before. Both to the touch and visually.

But if they are not harder are they thicker and darker?

Again the answer is no. The mustache, as well as all body hair, depart from the hair bulbs. And these, regardless of the chosen hair removal method, they do not increase or decrease. For this reason, even if you shave your mustache with a razor, at the time of regrowth their number will be exactly the same. As well as the characteristics of the hair. In simple words the mustache does not change their color after shaving.

Shaving the mustache with a razor, what are the risks?

Having dispelled the myth of the harder or thicker regrowth of the mustache, however, it is good to remember what are the “risks” associated with this method of hair removal. In addition to being a absolutely temporary remedy, lasts a maximum of one or two days and then you have to repeat the operation, shave with a razor or razor blade needs a lot of attention (in this case, haste is one of your worst enemies).

This is because, depending on the type of your skin, the attention with which you use the razor itself, the preventive preparation of the skin, etc., it is possible for them to form:

  • irritations,
  • abrasions;
  • more or less superficial cuts;
  • ingrown hairs.

Problems that, in addition to being unsightly, are also quite painful. And that take some time to be properly resolved and to be able to repeat (as long as you still want to) the whole operation.

mustache mistakes

Razor: tips for problem-free hair removal

This is why it is important to follow some small buts fundamental precaution, for a hair removal with the razor that is perfect and without any unpleasant consequences, for example:

  • used only specific razors for the face;
  • never lend your razor (no, not even your best friend);
  • hydrate always the part after hair removal with a soothing and refreshing cream (perfect those with aloe vera);
  • never forget to exfoliate the face with a gentle scrub at least once a week, this will prevent the formation of ingrown hairs;

mustache scrub

  • never scrub immediately after hair removal a mustache (you could cause unprecedented irritation);
  • do not shave dry, you could irritate the area;
  • avoid exposing yourself to the sun, enter the sea, rub yourself on the sand, immediately after depilation.

In this way, the mystery that your mustache, even if shaved with a razor, does not undergo real changes in hardness, color or quantity, (but only of optical variations due to the greater visibility of the root), you can shave with greater peace of mind. And avoid all possible consequences related to this hair removal method.

hair removal mustache

Notwithstanding that, mustache or no mustache, the thing to bet on is the awareness of always being beautiful as you are, with all your details and peculiarities. After all it is nature that created you in this way, simply unique and irresistible.

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