Mustache, depilate or bleach? Here’s how to choose


Are you also part of the “mustache never” category? If the answer is yes, here are the remedies to fight them: hair removal or lightening. The important thing is to choose the right method to be flawless.

When it comes to hair and in particular of mustache that all (more or less) we have on the upper part of the lips, exist two categories of people: who has not no problem at all to keep this natural detail of his body and who, instead, declares one to him endless war and no holds barred.

If you are part of the first group you will certainly have no problem answering the next question (neither of them) but if you too make the fight against the mustache your reason for living, how do you behave in front of the dilemma between removing or lightening? Two remedies that have pros and cons and which, precisely for this reason, it is better to investigate before making any decision.

Mustache and hair removal

First, it is good to understand what happens to your mustache depending on the choice of your heart method.

When it comes to hair removal and, therefore, to remove the mustache you have to take into account that, in a way more or less frequent, it is a treatment that will go repeated over time. And this to remedy the much feared (and for some annoying) regrowth. And that, like it or not, you will happen to have to face.

A temporary solution, therefore, of short or medium duration depending on the type of hair removal chosen.

Short-term hair removal

Among the methods of hair removal for the mustache of very short or short duration, There are:

  • there shaving, in which only the superficial part of the mustache is eliminated and which needs to be repeated already one or two days after the treatment;

razor mustache

  • depilatory cream, which “dissolves” the mustache by penetrating slightly into the skin, allowing the hair removal to last a few days longer than the razor.

cream mustache

Two “remedies” of short duration and of which you will have to monitor the progress. Maybe always keeping tweezers with you to eliminate that one or two mustache that decide to anticipate regrowth compared to the others.


If you decide to opt for a hair removal of this type, however, it is good to know that the regrowth of the hair, in addition to being pretty quick, could strengthen the mustache (the razor in particular) making them more visible. In addition to the fact that, if performed poorly, they can cause skin irritation and, therefore, burning and a very little aesthetic redness to the part.

Medium / long-term hair removal

If, on the other hand, your goal is free yourself from the thought of the mustache for a slightly longer time (leaving the drama of regrowth for when you return from vacation) you can opt for:

  • there waxing which, in addition to weakening and eliminating the mustache from the root, inhibits the regrowth of hair for at least three or four weeks (which is true for almost all types of tear-off hair removal), slowing its reappearance;

mustache waxing

  • the laser, a solution that can be considered permanent but which requires a rather high outlay of money (and which, therefore, it would be better to carefully evaluate since we are talking about a hair that most of the time is imperceptible.

laser mustache

Mustache and lightening

But the hair removal it is not the only solution to keep your mustache at bay. If you don’t like this option, in fact, you can opt for lightening. A treatment certainly less expensive than the previous ones and which, thanks to the composition of the creams and which are used to do it, allows you to make the mustache very clear, transparent, practically invisible. But pay attention to the type of your skin.

If you are wondering what connection there may be between mustache, lightening and skin tone, here is the answer.

Mustache lightening: light complexion VS dark complexion

For those who have the fair complexion (and consequently also the hair), the bleaching can be very effective. Making even more imperceptible hairs.

blonde mustache

Who has a cute come on olive or dark tonesinstead, he should think very carefully before attempting this type of treatment. In these cases, in fact, the lightening can lead to two epiloghsthe:

  • a totally unnatural hair color which, in contrast with the skin, results even more visible;
  • the reinforcement of the hair bulb.

Two factors which, together, lead exactly toopposite effect to the desired one. And that, therefore, it is always better to evaluate carefully, even following the precious advice of a beautician.

dark mustache

For this, there is no one-size-fits-all answer as to what is best for your mustache, whether to eliminate or lighten it. It always depends on what you want to achieve, from the time you spend caring for this part of the body and the most appropriate remedy for your skin type (for example if you have very sensitive skin or skin prone to redness).

mustache types

That is why, beyond all this, it is always appropriate consult with a specialist categorically avoiding the do-it-yourself or following the many advice of friends and friends (after all, everyone is done in their own way and a treatment can be perfect for them but “terrible” for you).

It being understood that the mustache, like all the hair present on the body, have their own specific protective function towards the skin and that keeping them will not in the least undermine your beauty and your incredible charm. Especially if you are aware of it, showing off every detail of your body with pride, security and that touch of absolute uniqueness which makes you irresistible.

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