Mustache, all the false myths to dispel


Mustache, yes or no? Before deciding whether or not to eliminate this normal part of the body, it is good to ask yourself a few questions. But, above all, it is important to give yourself the right answers! Here, then, are some myths that are best debunked before making any decisions.

Ah the hairs, what a dilemma! There are those who like them and those who don’t. But when it comes to facial hair, the classic mustache, the situation becomes a little more complicated. If on the one hand, in fact, there are women who don’t care and who love this detail of the body like any other (and they do very well), on the other hand there are others that have a mustache declared a real war on the last “cut”. In short, any method is good for eliminating them.

But are we sure we really know everything about mustaches? In fact, how many times have you happened to talk to your friends have different answers depending on the question asked, on the best hair removal method, on regrowth, or even simply on why you have it. Certainly many. And this is why, on the mustache, there are many stories, also according to the experience of each one, and that perhaps it is better to clarify. Here, then, are some false myths about mustaches that are best debunked, for decide with greater peace of mind whether to keep or eliminate them.

Does the mustache appear suddenly?

If the question that ails you is why the mustache appears on the face, whether due to some strange genetic mutation in the style of science fiction films or for who knows what other very unrealistic reason, know that the answer is this: the mustache does not magically appear on the face but we all have them, some more, some less. Just like the rest of the body hair.

And the reason is soon said. Like all hairs also the mustache placed on the sides of the upper lip have their function, which specifically protects and absorbs the sweat that can form in this area of ​​the face. Do not panic, therefore, you have not been the victim of any spell or experiment in your sleep. THE mustaches are absolutely normal and natural. Just like your hair!

Why do they increase in some cases?

Although, as we have seen, the mustache is a detail of the body that everyone (in a more or less evident way), it is true that in some cases these can appear thicker and more visible. Even when maybe until recently it wasn’t like that. In this case, there may be some particular reasons that stimulate the growth of facial hair such as:

  • hormonal imbalance (hirsutism), when the production of male hormones by the adrenal glands and ovaries becomes excessive;
  • dysfunctions in the ovaries;
  • pathologies such as, for example, the polycystic ovary;
  • use of medicines such as cortisone;
  • menopause (in this articular phase of a woman’s life, the mustache may increase or darken).

Different reasons and for which it is good consult a doctor, to get the right diagnosis and intervene directly on the cause that generated them.

pathology mustache

Does shaving your mustache favor their regrowth?

One of the questions we all ask ourselves and for which we often get completely different answers. Although shaving is not the best or most recommended method of hair removal (and this is because, just like for hair on the legs, it requires constant care, every two or three days maximum), shaving does not favor the regrowth of the mustache.

Which means you’ll never end up with more fluff than you usually have. What happens, however, in addition to certainly faster regrowth than other methods, is that the new coat will be slightly thicker and harder. A relative problem if you usually take care of it constantly and regularly, a little more annoying if out of laziness you let regrowth take over.

razor mustache

Shaving the mustache and tanning. A risk?

With the arrival of summer and the desire for a tan, another question that often haunts the days of many is: if I shave I also eliminate tanning? If your fear, therefore, is to find yourself with a beautiful white line above your upper lip instead of your mustache (leading you to regret them), know that no, hair removal does not compromise your tan.

Whether it is a razor or waxing, in fact, the elimination of the mustache does not hinder the tan but, on the contrary, it favors it. And this is because, in addition to the fluff, it comes also eliminated the most superficial layer of cells death, stimulating its renewal and, therefore, guaranteeing you a tan faster and brighter (and this applies to every part of the body).

tan mustache

Tips after hair removal of the mustache

Obviously remembering to follow some small precautions, to ensure the party the utmost attention e do not incur irritation or redness how:

  • take care to always use a new razor;
  • disinfect the part with a soothing and / or astringent cream based on zinc oxide;
  • moisturize the skin;
  • be careful not to expose yourself to the sun immediately after hair removal.

mustache mistakes

Why shouldn’t you be exposed to the sun?

This is because, immediately after hair removal, the skin is already normally in this area is very delicate, becomes even more sensitive due to the stress suffered, even to light. Exposing yourself to the sun immediately after removing the mustache, therefore, could cause irritation or very annoying redness. For this it is always better opt for a hair removal the night before, so you have all night to get the part remarried.

An infallible remedy? The lightening (or maybe not)

If you think that, like a t-shirt that you no longer like, just change its color and everything fits, you know that when it comes to mustaches it is not like that. If for those who have the complexion and very light hairin fact, discoloration can result very effective, making the mustache practically invisible, it certainly cannot be said that the same applies to those with an olive or dark skin tone.

Unfortunately, in this case, lightening the mustache leads to the opposite effect, making them even more visible. In addition to the fact that the discoloration can fortify the hair bulb. As if to say, perhaps assuming that one remedy works for everyone is not really the best choice. Always better inquire with an expert first (a real one, not your best friend).

lightening mustache

Shaving your mustache is painful! It depends!

Many of us, thanks to the fear of feeling bad, give up the possibility of eliminating the mustache. Very well if this does not create the slightest discomfort and you feel wonderful in any case, a little less if this almost invisible detail undermines your self-esteem.

If the only brake to hair removal, therefore, is the fear of experiencing pain, know that this it really depends on the method you choose to use. If the razor (obviously used well) and the depilatory cream are totally painless, waxing and electric hair removal a little bad can do it. Although, as with everything, this also depends on the personal endurance of each of us (strength and courage, therefore!).

The advice is always to contact a beautician who, in addition to stemming the problem with an anesthetic cream before hair removal, will also be able to advise you on the best method according to your needs.

Now that you really know everything, therefore, you can choose with greater peace of mind how to behave with your mustache. Always bearing in mind that, to have them or not to have them will change nothing of your innate charm or of all those characteristics that make you simply unique and fabulous. As you are!

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