Multifunction cosmetics 2021: face and body products, which ones to try


A concept of beauty that goes beyond the practicality of the multipurpose. A close relative of the green and sustainable way of life, the versatility of cosmetics satisfies all types of consumers. From the most minimalist ones to the most curious ones of the refinement that only innovation can give

Versatility: it is one of the beauty trend of the moment! Or multifunction cosmetics which, as the word itself says, perform several functions of beauty. The most practical example is the classic shampoo-shower with which to wash body and hair, but today cosmetics go further. In fact, we are talking about moisturizers which can also be used as face masks, loose powders with sunscreens which, with each retouch, protect from the sun and at the same time absorb excess sebum from the face. Or again, of multifunction oils which act as face illuminants and, if necessary, can be transformed into “softeners” of the dry areas of the body. The multifunction cosmetics sector does not spare even self-tanners: the newest ones, in addition to coloring the skin, firm it up to make it ready for the bikini test!

Multifunctional cosmetics: for whom and for what use

But why are all these multifunctional products appearing on the market? Dismiss the matter with a reason practicality it would be too simplistic (albeit realistic). Behind there is a much broader movement that has its roots in minimalism and clean beauty, that is, the search for one essential beauty routine, consisting of a few gestures, but effective. As if to say, less is more, less is more. It is a philosophy that looks to the sustainability of cosmetics to avoid waste, and to the protection of the planet. Among the “axioms” of multifunctional cosmetics there is also the commitment to use recycled and recyclable packaging and ingredients with low environmental impact, whose origin is traceable.

Having said that, curious to find out what are the news on the subject to be used for various uses? Look at the selection of multifunctional products by DMBeauty.i

Clinique Moisture Surge 100H

Clinique’s forefather of hydration is renewed. In 2021, a new enhanced version of Moisture Surge is released that penetrates over 10 layers of depth and releases 100 hours of hydration for a more plump and hydrated skin, even after washing your face. It has an Auto-Replenishing technology that feeds the skin’s natural source of hydration, releasing non-stop hydration. Contains the new bio ferment of Aloe Vera.

Multifunction because: it can be used as a classic face moisturizer or as a hydration booster, applied in a generous layer as a mask. Whenever the need is felt.

SKIN FOOD Multifunction cream by Weleda

Real super food for the skin, its formulation dates back to 1926: extracts of Viola tricolor with moisturizing and soothing properties, BIO Chamomile that soothes and prevents redness, BIO Calendula that favors the physiological processes of skin regeneration and BIO Rosemary appreciated for its stimulating and invigorating action.

Multifunction why: soothes irritations, repairs cracked skin on the face and body, such as super dry elbows and knees.

Klorane Night Moisturizing Cream

A regenerating balm that impregnates the skin with BIO Cornflower water and 100% vegetable hyaluronic acid at night. Thanks to the BIO Edelweiss, its 96% * natural formula allows the skin to regenerate. Plumped up, relaxed, luminous, she awakens as if she had gained a few hours of sleep!

Versatile product because: if massaged on the face, neck and eye area, it is a night cream. If, on the other hand, it is applied generously without massage, it becomes a night mask.

Elasticizing oil with Rosa Mosqueta by Bottega Verde

Excellent for face and body, it is formulated exclusively with Rosa Mosqueta oil, an exceptional product for its repairing power, able to counteract the signs of wrinkles and stretch marks. Rich in vitamin E, omega-3 and omega-6, which protect cells from the action of free radicals, used daily it helps to reduce the signs of aging and restore extraordinary elasticity and firmness to the skin.

Multi-purpose cosmetic why: it can be applied directly on the affected areas or in addition to the usual cream at the time of use.

UV Mineral Brush SPF 50 by ISDIN

A mineral powder enclosed in a prêt-à-porter design package that includes a brush with soft bristles. In addition to protecting from UVA, UVB and blue light, it mattifies the complexion without changing its tone, while small particles reflect the light, thus attenuating expression lines and making the skin smoother. Furthermore, the anti-pollution active ingredients protect against environmental stressors.

Mulfunction cosmetic why: protects and mattifies the skin at the same time.

Wonder’Swipe 2-in-1 Crave Me by Rimmel

Rimmel_Blue Monday Press Release

Wonder’Swipe is a multipurpose makeup that transforms into eyeliner and eyeshadow in a versatile way. It is easy to use thanks to its ultra-thin applicator that allows you to perform a fine metallic and bright line. However, if it is blended with the fingers, it turns into a fantastic glitter eyeshadow. Its formula is long-lasting, for a perfect makeup up to 10 hours.

Multi-purpose makeup why: works as a pencil, eyeshadow and eyeliner in no time.

BT Cream by Biofficina Toscana

A bb cream rich in active ingredients, highly buildable that blends with the skin and is ideal for different uses. Contains hyaluronic acid, rebalancing and moisturizing complexes combined with Liquepom®, an exclusive innovative ingredient from organic Tuscan tomatoes with an anti-pollution function for protection from external agents.

Multi-purpose product because: colors, evens and illuminates the complexion, giving elasticity and hydration.

James Read Night Self Tanner

Sleep Mask Tan Body is a quick-drying self-tanning formula, suitable for all skin tones. Work at night to gradually color your body, achieving a natural tan. For a more precise result, it is applied to the body in circular movements using a tanning glove, and focusing on sections without forgetting the hands and feet.

Multifunctional cosmetic why: in addition to giving an “artificial” tan, it firms the skin of the body.

EVY heat protective hair mousse

A multifunctional product for intense hair care. The product acts both as a styling mousse, as a defense against UV rays and as a heat protector on over 210 degrees celsius. With its effective UV filters, this mousse protects hair from dehydration and sunlight, minimizing their exposure to HEV blue light. The mousse is rich in vitamin B3 / 5/6, vitamin E and C but also in natural and moisturizing oils, while helping the hair to maintain its color and shine.

Versatile product because: models and protects both from the sun and from stylers or hairdryers.

Head & Hair Heal mask by Maria Nila

A mask for skin and hair with an anti-inflammatory action. Treats and prevents dandruff and skin problems, prevents hair loss and stimulates growth. Contains: aloe vera, with moisturizing and soothing properties; piroctone olamine, which prevents the excessive production of bacteria and fungi, the cause of dandruff; Vitamin E, an antioxidant; peptides, which increase the oxygenation of the hair follicles to stimulate growth and improve the quality of the hair shaft; apigenin and oleanolic acid, which reduce the production of dihydrotestosterone, a hormone commonly known to cause hair loss.

Multifunctional cosmetic why: in addition to moisturizing the hair, it also treats scalp affections, such as dandruff, which if not treated can lead to hair loss.

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