Multi Pochette, the new Louis Vuitton bag that threatens to be the favorite of the season


Each passing season we have a new (s) it bag, and this Autumn 2019 begins with the entrance – through the big door – of Louis Vuitton and its latest design baptized with the name of Multi Pochette. Rescuing the design that was launched in 1992 called Pochette, the maison adds an additional (smaller) bag and decorates it with a double handle – one in the form of a gold chain and the other thick fabric – with a coin holder as a charm. How could it be otherwise, the RRSS predict what could become the new viral complement of the moment.

In Jared

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A bag that adapts to (any) day-to-day style

With blazer, thick sweater or linen shirt: no matter how it is combined, this complement ends up being the main protagonist (did anyone doubt it?). Although it is not yet on the online website, there have already been several fashion girls who have presented us with what could be the it bag of this Fall-Winter 2019/2020.

Multi Pochette Lv Streetstyle 02

Multi Pochette Lv Streetstyle 01

Multi Pochette Lv Streetstyle 05

Multi Pochette Lv Streetstyle 03

This kind of 3×1 bag will mark a before and after in the closet of many. What do you think?

Photos | Instagram @mvb, @xeniaadonts, @carodaur, @veronicaferraro

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