Mother’s Day: beauty gift ideas to make her happy


Giving beauty products as a gift is a promise of happiness: in this way we transform, in our own way, a famous phrase by Stendhal. And who wouldn’t want to make their mother happy, the one who, in effect, was our first beauty icon?

There second Sunday of May it is a date that has entered our hearts since kindergarten, when, to the sound of songs, poems and chores at school, we celebrated our mother. Over the years we have also maintained the beautiful habit of giving her a gift for Mother’s Day. But above all we saw it as beauty model to inspire us in our self-care. Here we are observing her while she does her manicure, touches up her makeup or puts on her night cream. All skincare gestures that as children we internalized more than the teachings of a beauty magazine or the advice of a friend. And the polls speak for themselves: one in 2 women sees in the mother figure the real “influencer” in her beauty routine during the years of growth.

So here are ours beauty ideas for all budgets, have fun choosing them with us! You will find products for the skin of the face, for the body, for the hair, gift boxes in perfumery or to buy online hair, clean scents, objects to relax and super technological tools to pamper yourself in a futuristic way!

Specific body cream for over 50s

For the mother, not just any body cream, but a specific nourishing fluid for the skin in menopause. Yes, we know: only hearing the ending “menopause” can someone turn up their noses, but now it is no longer a taboo. Indeed, the mother will be happy to receive a cream that contrasts the loss of tone that the skin undergoes after 55 years. Arkéskin, dark toning balm of Lierac.

Price: € 29.90

A firming body box

I love myself, a made in Italy brand of functional cosmetics, offers a box containing its firming cream (Hydra-Tone Restore Cream), a mini-size of its 3.8% glycolic acid solution and the glove 100% natural bamboo fiber exfoliator. All accompanied by the doctor’s advice Camilla D’Antonio, Scientific Director and Co-founder of Miamo in an explanatory booklet. Ideal for the fitness-conscious mom.

Price: € 65

A box that smells of “positivity”

Jade Tree Body Kit by L’Erbolario it’s a nice idea to energize this spring of recovery. Includes 15ml perfume and 75ml perfumed body cream. The fragrance is designed to regain positive energy, while the fluid cream gives hydration and softness.

Price: € 19.90

Solar kit and after-sun shower gel

Does your mom have sensitive skin and a fair complexion? A nice gift is the kit Collistar composed of SPF Active Protection Sun Cream
30 of the Hypersensitive Skin line and the After Sun Moisturizing Restorative Shower-Shampoo, enclosed in a 100% recycled PET pouch. The cream protects capillaries, scars and blemishes.

Priceor: € 33

An eye makeup palette

This year, due to the masks, the eyes are in the foreground. To enhance them, nothing better than a makeup palette. Golden Era Eye Shadow Palette by ASTRA it contains 15 nuances with matte, metallic and firework finishes, that is a pearl that gives an extreme almost mirrored brightness.

Price: € 14.90

A super-technological plate

For Mother’s Day 2021 Dyson offers an exclusive box containing the Corrale TM straightener, a flat brush and a detangling comb. The straightener, in particular, is made with micro-engraved flexible sheets, which flex to shape and wrap the hair. This allows you not to damage the hair, also thanks to a sensor that controls the heating system, and emits precise heat. On sale on the Dyson Demo Store and on the website

Price: € 499

A smoothing brush

My Pro Magic Straight Brush by Bellissima Italia is an ideal straightening brush for enhancing straight hair, especially when it’s hot and perhaps humidity spoils their shine. Not only that: it is also suitable for creating many neat hairstyles such as ponytails, disciplining the rebellious tuft and generally for smoothing wavy hair with a softer result than the straightener.

Price: € 49.90

A quick drying travel hairdryer

With the hope of being able to return to travel throughout Italy (and the world), a nice gift is undoubtedly a portable hairdryer but with the performance of a deluxe professional hairdryer, that is, fast, quiet, light and with an elegant design. So drying your hair quickly on vacation will no longer be a problem. Not to mention the small size, suitable not only for backpacks and suitcases, but also for small houses. T3 Featherweight Compact Foldable. On sale at, and

Price: € 160

A volumizing brush for styling worthy of a salon

Ghd laughed is the heating brush to give volume to straight and flat hair.
It is ideal for obtaining creases with a full and full-bodied effect, from roots to ends. For all lengths. For Mother’s Day 2021, if you buy a ghd electric tool (hairdryer, curling iron, styler or hot brush) you will receive the thermal protector worth € 22.90 for free. Promotion valid until May 9th.

Price: € 185

A complete hair line enclosed in a tin box

For Mother’s Day 2021 Alfaparf Milan proposes a collection box Holiday Kit by La Tosetto with the products of the range inside Flax seed signed. In addition, one is active on the Alfaparf Store app promotion using the MOM code: by purchasing a kit by La Tosetto there will be a free Sublime Water (the handbag perfume signed by Alfaparf Milano). In the photo the yellow box for normal hair, contains the Illuminating shampoo and mask and liquid crystals.

Price: € 52.70

A hair pack product

Fortifyng Gold Hair by Eterea Natural Cosmetics is an all natural pre-shampoo hair pack. Contains 14 oils, natural active ingredients and highly prized biological extracts. Work on the imperfections of the hair fiber and on the frizz effect. Gives thickness and vigor, purifies and revitalizes the scalp.

Price: € 25

Patch against tired eyes

From Klorane i arrive BIO Cornflower Eyes Patch: the perfect remedy express to give back a more appearance fresh is rested, deflate bags and always have an eye contour bright.

Price 7 patches x 2: € 22.90

A face moisturizer set

There Bestseller Duo of Dr.Jart + contains the mini-sizes of Ceramidin ™ Cream, the cream that gives the skin intense hydration thanks to the 5 Ceramides Complex; is Cicapair ™ Tiger Grass Color Correcting, the cream treatment that corrects any imperfection thanks to its texture that goes from green to pink-beige, ensuring a uniform complexion. For sale at Sephora.

Price: € 24.99

Supplements for the beauty of the skin

Aequium is a new all-Italian brand that produces nutraceuticals. What is it about? Of supplements that nourish the skin from the inside. For mom to try there is the “cycle” Boost Purify: three months of treatment to purify yourself thanks to 2 capsules morning and evening based on prebiotics and probiotics for the efficiency of the intestinal system. The extracts of milk thistle, green tea and bamboo sap complete the purifying and draining action. For sale on the website

Price: € 105

Anti-fatigue face massage set

For the mother who needs a boost of energy, there is BEARing Gifts Foreo! It is a set includes the brand new BEAR mini facial toning device which, in combination with the delicate face serum SERUM SERUM SERUM, will take away the tiredness from the face. And mom will be more beautiful than ever!

Price: € 219

A “small oven” to dry the enamel

L’Beurer MP 48 LED / UV Nail Dryer it is ideal for those who want to indulge in manicures and pedicures just like at the beautician. Equipped with 18 powerful LEDs, it allows you to obtain perfect results both on natural nails and on gel or semi-permanent polish in a few seconds. In addition, with the power button you can choose the duration of use thanks to the timer function (30, 60 or 120 seconds).

Price: € 61.99

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