Moisturizing lipsticks: the 7 best to choose from

Rossetti idratanti: i 7 migliori tra cui scegliere

When autumn comes and winter approaches, we all need to protect our lips from cold and cracking. So we look for ad hoc products, such as the lip stick or lip balm, but this is sometimes not good in some cases, especially if we need or feel the desire to make up the lips: lip balm and lipstick can turn out like water and oil and then they are the moisturizing lipsticks to solve our problems.

Let’s take a look at these products – of which you will find a special selection for sale on Amazon, for all tastes and for all budgets.

Moisturizing lipsticks: what are they?

These are lipsticks that contain emollient and nourishing substances such as to obtain a double result: soften and color our lips. Then, each of these lipsticks has a different formula: there are those with beeswax, those with shea butter, glycerin derivatives or others that contain certain vitamins, such as vitamin C. All are, however, very simple to use: just choose the one that suits you best.

Moisturizing lipsticks: the benefits

THE benefits they vary slightly from product to product, based on their content, but there are some that remain the same from brand to brand, from type to type. Moisturizing lipsticks are mostly protective against cold and wind, soften the lips and make the use of lip balm or lip balm superfluous – or rather useless.

In many cases these products also have a long lasting, so there is no need to continually touch up them throughout the day or evening. In any case, touch-ups are not forbidden: it will be up to your discretion to decide what is best for the appearance of your lips.

How to use moisturizing lipsticks

When we put on a lipstick, there are steps that we also and above all follow to ensure its hold and duration – such as passing a veil of powder on the lips. But with a moisturizing lipstick everything changes: there is no need to prepare the lips, no need to fix the color. Just apply the lipstick as we would any other, also choosing how many layers to color our lips. Of course, as we said, we can think of making adjustments as the hours pass, but we are certainly talking about products that need much less. maintenance of others.

The best moisturizing lipsticks

Here is a list of some of the most interesting moisturizing lipsticks on the market. It is essential not to choose a product at random, but to check carefully i components, to make sure that the product is not harmful to our specificities (which we should always do with make-up).

Especially when buying online, you might think of finding affordable products, but it is better to always turn to well-known brands and trusted brands: what we put on our skin can hurt us a lot if the product is not safe, so let’s not be dazzled by the costs. content or from unusual colors. Especially since when we talk about make-up, neutral shades, reds, purples, pinks and oranges never go out of fashion.

1. Clinique Pop – Poppy Pop

Moisturizing lipsticks

The entire Pop line of Clinique lipsticks is emollient and moisturizing. It does not smudge and has a long wear.
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2. Avene Couvrance Pink Velvet

Moisturizing lipsticks

It is not a lip balm, as you will read somewhere, but a real lipstick. It has protective effects – both from the cold and from the sun – and restorative.
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3. L’Oreal Infaillible Beige To Stay

Moisturizing lipsticks

Not only is it a long-lasting moisturizing product but it doesn’t stain either. So: free kiss.
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4. Max Factor Elixir Velvet Nude

Moisturizing lipsticks

It has a formula rich in moisturizing oils and balms.
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5. Elizabeth Arden Beautiful Color Red

Moisturizing lipsticks

It is moisturizing, emollient and smoothing.
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6. L’Erbolario Make Up Plum

Moisturizing lipsticks

It is a natural cosmetic, paraben-free, without mineral oils or silicones. And of course it is also and above all nourishing and moisturizing.
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7. Chanel Rouge Coco

Moisturizing lipsticks

Presents a long and continuous hydration. And it is also a cult lipstick.
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