Mixed skin in summer: how to hydrate it in the right way


Mixed skin in summer, a problem? Definitely not if you know how to take care of it. Here, then, is how to hydrate it in the right way, following a few simple habits of pure wellness and beauty.

Although on the surface it may seem that it does not present particular management problems, the mixed skin it can be anything but simple to keep healthy, especially in a season like summer. This is why it is always important take care of them in a targeted way, learning how to hydrate it and what precautions to follow to keep it always healthy, beautiful and bright.

When it comes to combination skin, in fact, it is necessary to keep two aspects in mind: the sebum production in some regions of the face (especially the T-zone) and the tendency of the skin to dry out in other areas, usually around the eyes, on the sides of the mouth and on the cheeks. Two opposite peculiarities that must be treated in the right way and with the right products. To ensure proper hydration and a look that is always at the top! Here, then, are some simple tips for moisturize combination skin the right way during the summer season.

Mixed skin, hydration and cleansing

The first thing to consider when it comes to combination skin is its basic characteristic, that is non-homogeneity. While this allows it to be “less problematic” to manage, on the other it needs one particular care or better, more careful, depending on the area to be treated. The reason? Performing the same actions or using the same products on both dry and greasy areas can only lead to skin problems, worsening its health and consequently also its appearance.

mixed skin care

This is why, as a first step it is important to focus essentially on two of the various steps of skin care, cleansing (without exaggerating on the driest parts) and hydration (avoiding too much in the more “shiny” areas). Using the scrubs or exfoliating products not too frequently (maximum once every seven or ten days) and masks that are too nutritious or rich.

How to act?

When it comes to cleansing, therefore (to be performed as the first gesture in the morning and as the last step before bedtime), it is important to opt for non-aggressive detergents, rebalancing and delicate. Able to act gently on the most sensitive areas but effectively on the parts most prone to imperfections.

For hydration, however, it is good prefer water-based products, which do not grease, able to preserve the liquid component of the skin, preventing it from evaporating due to excessive heat. But at the same time that do not weigh down the skin in areas more prone to oiliness. Leaving them free to breathe, rebalancing the production of sebum. It is not excluded, therefore, to use two different products depending on the part. Guaranteeing the utmost care and attention.

mixed skin hydration

H24 sun protection

Another important step to moisturize and protect combination skin in the summer (and not only) is to apply sunscreen as the last step of the beauty routine (after the traditional moisturizer) to shield it from damage that may occur following exposure to the sun (redness, irritation, dryness, etc.).

Always preferring one protection with high SPF (preferably 50) and oil free formulations, so as not to weigh down the skin in areas with a more oily tendency. And that thanks to the light texture, it adapts perfectly to every area of ​​the skin, carrying out aantioxidant action, nourishing and protective. But without clogging the pores or weighing down the skin.

mixed skin protection

Multimasking and multi care

If your goal is to hydrate your combination skin, you certainly can’t skip a basic skin care step, masking them. But which one is best to use if the skin is so different depending on the area? Let’s start by saying that this is not about deciding which is better but rather what are the most appropriate choices. Yes, you got it right!

In case of combination skin you can opt for one double mask, i.e. the use of two different products at the same time. A sebum mask rebalancing and purifying for the more oily areas (the white clay one is perfect) and one moisturizing, light, soothing and revitalizing. Maybe based on aloe vera!

mixed skin masks

Aloe vera what a beauty elixir!

If you are wondering why aloe vera is, the answer is very simple. This plant, in fact, is perfect for combination skin as it is able to refresh the skin gently, giving deep and lasting hydration to the skin. A kind of reserve of water for the skin, ideal for making it radiant, soft and healthy. Day by day!

aloe mixed skin

Mixed skin hydration? Don’t avoid the oil

But how? Didn’t we say avoid oily products? Yes, but not all oils are the same and neither are all products. Very often, in fact, at the base of the shiny part of combination skin there is only an imbalance due to lack of essential fatty acids and natural oils in the epidermis. Reason why the skin produces more sebum.

For this reason, to ensure the correct hydration to the skin (and all the nourishment it needs) it is advisable to apply products that slow down this production, bringing back the right balance to the skin itself. Treatments that do not weigh down the area, based on pure botanical oils. To be used in the evening before bed and leaving them to act all night. For gently moisturize and regenerate the skin and in a natural way.

mixed skin oil

Combination skin, hydration starts from within

Finally, the focal point for proper hydration in summer (but not only) of combination skin but also of any other type of skin is the amount of water you take during the day. And that should never be less than two liters a day, about eight glasses.

A good habit essential to keep the skin always in health, elastic and luminous. Hydrating it from within and helping it to get rid of accumulated toxins (and this in turn allows the fattest areas to normalize). Besides reduce the tendency to dry out. Hydration that can also be integrated with:

  • herbal teas;
  • fruit and vegetable juices or smoothies;
  • fruit rich in water (such as watermelon, melon, peaches, etc.);
  • moisturizing vegetables such as cucumbers, radishes, tomatoes, etc.

Obviously in season and better if raw.

vegetable mixed skin

Few and simple tricks to satisfy the different needs of this type of leather. Always guaranteeing the maximum protection and hydration even in summer. Preserving their health and beauty, for a look that is always at the top and a well-being at 360 °.

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