Mix 5 ingredients, wash your hair with this ” compound ” and see what result. No, don’t be skeptical, your hair will be super wow (and your friends will envy you): here’s the ‘miraculous’ recipe


First of all it is good to know that, if the hair is healthy, it reflects the light in an optimal way thanks to their cylindrical shape and the well closed cuticle. But, due to external aggressions, over time, what covers the cuticle and keeps the scales closed, is missing. For this reason the hair loses its round shape, the scales open and the light is no longer reflected at its best. Often, due to lack of time and desire, we rely on types of shampoos or lotions on the market that promise shine and vigor, losing sight of the do-it-yourself remedies, handed down from grandmothers, very simple and effective to obtain the desired result. As for shiny hair, there are several natural remedies that can be adopted. Do-it-yourself helps and today we want to present you a natural shampoo that will make your hair shine: it is a product that moisturizes, nourishes, softens, leaves hair silky, shiny, alive and of great beauty. It has the great advantage of having no parabens and no other toxic substances contained in most industrial shampoos. (Continue reading after the photo)

One of the main ingredients is aloe vera. inside the leaves it contains a gel with innumerable properties. First of all, aloe can be taken as a supplement as it is rich in mineral salts (such as calcium, iron or magnesium) and vitamins (A, C, B), which are important for keeping the body healthy and efficient. This gel is also antibacterial, healing and is a precious help in case of dermatological problems, such as psoriasis, burns, stretch marks, spots, as well as protecting the skin from the sun and sunburn. The presence of mineral salts, vitamins and enzymes ensure that aloe has detoxifying and purifying properties to the benefit of the beauty of the skin, nails and hair. (Continue reading after the photo)

1 cup of aloe vera gel
1 bar of coconut soap
1 cup of honey
3 tablespoons of castor oil
1.5 liters of filtered water

Put the soap on the fire with water to dissolve it (do not boil in aluminum utensils). Once diluted, remove from heat and add honey. Let it cool and add the aloe vera gel and castor oil. At this point you have to mix the mixture well and the shampoo is ready for use. You can use this mixture twice a week using it as a normal shampoo. If you want, for safety, the first time put a small amount of shampoo on the skin and check for any allergic reactions. If there is no irritation, which is more than likely, you can safely use it. Your hair will thank you.

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