Minimalist skincare: what it is, which products to use and why to try it


Less is more is a true philosophy of life and skin care is no exception. In fact, minimalist skincare is not only a real trend, but also a new way of living the beauty routine, which reduces waste and stress.

Forget the layering and endless steps of K-Beauty, because minimalist skincare could truly revolutionize your approach to skincare. A return to less is more, in which layering and combinations of ingredients give way to simpler skincare. A change of perspective that reduces the time to devote to facial care and, from a certain point of view, also the stress of having to complete 10 very long beauty steps before going to sleep. All you need for a minimalist skincare, in fact, is to choose the best possible products for the skin: a few effective formulations, wisely combined to meet the needs of every face. Minimalist skincare, then, thinks of the planet: reducing the number of cosmetics to use, in fact, means halving waste and giving the skin only what it really needs. A skincare trend that would certainly also be appreciated by tidying guru Marie Kondo. The ideal? Extend minimalism to makeup as well.

Minimal Skincare: What Does It Really Mean?

Choosing beauty minimalism means, above all, giving up layering and complex passages. An advantage also for the skin: the wrong combination of ingredients, in fact, could trigger irritation and allergic reactions, making the beauty routine very ineffective. The wrong combination of exfoliating acids, for example, could make the skin hypersensitive, and excessive layering weighs it down, making skincare much less pleasant. The less is more approach to skin care, then, is perfect for giving the skin everything it needs, observing which ingredients are really beneficial. In fact, giving up some cosmetics or choosing 2-in-1 formulations does not mean making skin care less effective, but rather personalizing the skincare to create the perfect mix to make it shine and keep it healthy.


The real needs of the skin

Cleansing, exfoliation, hydration and protection. The skin doesn’t need anything else to be healthy. And, precisely for this reason, minimalist skincare can only be based on four fundamental steps. A very important step is cleansing, to be performed morning and evening, to eliminate excess sebum, pollution and dirt from the skin., allowing subsequent treatments to penetrate deeper.

Equally fundamental, hydration allows the skin to remain young and vital, luminous. In both cases, customization cannot be missing: every skin type, in fact, needs specific ingredients and textures.

The skin also needs to be renewed through exfoliation. Eliminating dead cells – through a scrub, a peeling or, simply, an exfoliating tonic – has, in fact, an illuminating effect and allows better oxygenation of the tissues. The last step in minimalist skincare can only be protection: the SPF is the best anti-aging in existence and allows to keep the skin really healthy.

The essential products in skincare

Cleansing is a fundamental step, even for minimal skincare. Precisely for this reason, the Erborian Centella Cleansing Gel is ideal for removing impurities, but also soothe the skin and leave it gently hydrated.

Filorga’s Detoxifying Exfoliating Mousse is the perfect product for exfoliation. A scrub in black mousse, which combines exfoliating and purifying action, leaving the skin fresh and detoxified.

Yves Rocher’s anti-aging night serum has a global action, perfect for regenerating the skin and fighting wrinkles during sleep. A two-phase texture that combines serum and repairing oils, penetrating lightly into the skin.

For minimalist skincare, hydration is key. Here because Korff enriched Collagen Age Filler Cream with Bakuchiol. An active similar to retinol, capable of stimulating skin renewal, without the risk of irritation for the most sensitive skins.

Even the most minimal of beauty routines can only end with sun protection. For the city and sport, Aqua Non Stop is Anne Möller’s revolutionary face lotion that protects the skin from UVA and UVB rays. The formula’s Global Defense Technology also strengthens the skin barrier against pollutants, free radicals and atmospheric agents.

The trends of minimalist skincare

The minimalist approach to skincare manifests itself in the form of different beauty trends, above all Skinimalism. A vision of skin care that is based on reducing the number of cosmetics in the beauty routine. In the center? The multitasking formulations.

A very different approach from that of Skipcare, which reevaluates what the skin really needs by literally skipping a few steps. A trend that comes from Korea and that immediately involved millennials, eager to reduce waste generated by the cosmetics industry. A minimalist skincare by definition, whose cornerstones are cleansing and hydration. In fact, at the heart of Skipcare is the health of the hydrolipidic film, capable of regulating skin hydration and defending the skin from free radicals. The key, in both cases, are the ingredients. The skin, in fact, can never lack Vitamin A, E and C, as well as a series of antioxidant substances.

Practicality and minimalism are also at the heart of Scandi Beauty, a skincare trend that combines the pleasantness of the texture with the functionality of the ingredients. The aim is to create an easy and effective beauty routine to take care of the face.

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