Middle row: the return and charm of the 60s


If there is one nice thing about trends it is that, sooner or later, they always come back into fashion. We do not know if you have noticed it, but we are cyclically witnessing a revival of trends in terms of fashion, make-up and hair. This year, for example, the hairstyle only knows three words: middle row.

The return of the middle row

Yes, you got it right, let’s talk about the parting in the center that divides the hair, the same flow from Farrah Fawcett with fluffy waves to frame the face or the Abba and Baccara, the Spanish duo who launched the 70s smash Yes sir, I can boogie.

So let’s go back in time by fifty or even sixty years, and let’s go back to the era of the Beat Generation, the beginnings of miniskirts, the Beatles and, later on, the hippies.

The middle line is back strongly in fashion after years of side line, of important and fluffy tufts, and a short (fortunately) parenthesis of a zig zag line, even; but why do they like it so much?

First of all, because it certainly allows versatility, since bringing the part in the middle does not preclude either wearing straight or wavy hair, or for example daring with fringes. Plus, she likes that breezy, disengaged and natural air it gives the look. Not to mention that, basically, the middle part is practically perfect for all types of hair, even if its maximum realization lies in straight hair with a slight wave at the tips, or in soft waves, beach waves style.

Is it possible that there is not even a negative side? Only two, but important: better avoid the middle part if you have a very thin face, because it tends to shrink it further, and in case you have very fine hair and without volume; the risk, in fact, is that it may seem to have very little hair.

Middle part: 8 tips for your hairstyle

So how to wear this hairstyle to succeed enhance our hairstyle but, even more, the features of our face?

These are some small tips that you may decide to adopt if the uniform in the center is what you are looking for, but that you may be afraid to try.

  • Soft waves: the middle part provides simple but no less elegant hairstyles. So try to leave your hair slightly wavy, in a very minimalist way;
  • Super tight chignon or tails: another way to enhance the parting in the middle, and the features, is to make buns or low tails, taking care to fix with gel or lacquer all the shorter hair that could “escape” from the hairstyle.

As for making a perfect line in the middle, without risking to put strands randomly on one side or the other, you can do this:

  • dry your hair naturally;
  • make sure there are no knots;
  • protect them with a specific product, such as a thermal protector;
  • use a pointed comb, or a small-toothed comb, keep it perpendicular to the scalp, then use the tip to draw a line in the hair, moving from the forehead to the nape;
  • to make a perfect line in the middle imagine a line starting from your nose;
  • pass the plate or the iron to make the waves.

10 looks with the parting in the middle to be inspired

Many celebrities also love to wear the parting in the middle, even on important occasions such as red carpets, for example; Emilia Clarke, the beloved Daenerys Targaryen of Game of Thrones wears it on countless occasions, and she has become iconic with her platinum blonde hair and the center parting.

But also Millie Bobby Brown loves to wear the parting in the middle, with both straight and wavy hair. The list of stars who prefer the parting in the center, however, is really long … In short, there is no lack of sources of inspiration, as you can also see by browsing our gallery.

The return of the middle part and the charm of the 60s

Source: House of Blog

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