Micropainting nails: what it is, how to do it and 4 tips

Micropittura unghie: la nail art come opera d'arte

There micropainting nails it is a painting technique in all respects but instead of using the classic drawing canvas, it transforms the nails into real works of art. Its founder is the Russian nail designer Oksana Bilous, first supporter and advocate of this technique, as well as founder of the only Italian school of micro-painting.

What is nail micropainting?

There micropainting of the nails it is a particular way to paint and decorate nails. A technique that unites the knowledge of painting and of nail art: to succeed in micro-painting it is in fact necessary to know the properties of color, shapes and spaces and at the same time the rules of nail art, from the products to be used to the way to treat and paint the nails.

It is therefore a new way of painting nails that requires precision, patience, great skills, dexterity and above all a lot of creativity.

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How to do the micropainting of nails

To get an excellent job through micro-painting it is good to use i right tools and right products, so as not to spoil the nails and not to sacrifice creativity. For this reason it is first necessary to participate in a nail art course in order to have at least a basic knowledge; then you need decorative brushes and acrylic paints (which we will talk about shortly). Creativity, commitment and patience are essential: the more attempts, the better the final results.

What you need to make a nail micro-paint

The fundamental tools to achieve a good micro-paint are certainly i brushes. The advice is to take several, or different shapes and sizes, the latter can vary from 1 to 3 millimeters, while the shape depends on the tip of the brush which can be long, oblique and straight.

In addition to the brushes, the acrylic paints; they, unlike normal nail polishes, allow the creation of shades of color and plays of light and shadows. Furthermore, they are not harmful as well they dry quickly. Thanks to the use of acrylic colors you can indulge yourself with the decorations: one stroke, burlesque, frivolage and all the particular techniques of micro-painting. The most important acrylic color, which cannot be missing in our palette, is definitely the White, which allows you to mix the various colors, lightening them and giving more brightness where needed.

Others auxiliary products and very important are the Medium Gel, which helps the bristles of the brushes to remain compact so as not to ruin the drawing and the Medium Retardant which slows down the drying of the acrylic colors.

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Micropainting nails: 4 useful tips

As we said, micropainting is a technique that requires good knowledge in the field of painting: you need to have dexterity and creativity and it’s not enough to know how to paint your nails to perfection. However, following some advice and some rules base it is possible to learn this new and refined painting technique little by little.

1. Create a base with traditional nail polish

To make our nail micro-paint last longer it is advisable to go over one nail base enamel before starting to use acrylic paints. The final design will be more lasting.

2. Choose valid products

The purchase of products used for micro-painting should not be underestimated. Brushes and acrylic colors in the first place cannot be poor, the risk is that of spoil our nails but also to get a result of little value.

3. Start with the Nail Art

Participate in a basic course of nail art could be a great way to approach the world of micro-painting nails. Starting from the small and simplest decorations will help us in the creation of real works of art on our nails.

4. Get lots of practice

Micropainting of nails is a technique that definitely needs dexterity, it is acquired only by getting involved, trying new decorations and new designs every day, learning from the tutorials of the experts and being inspired by the micro-painting photos created by professionals in the sector.

Now you just have to buy brushes and colors and try this new technique of nail decoration, attempt after attempt, only in this way you will become an expert in micro-painting nails.

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