Microblading lips, the tattoo for defined lips


Among the aesthetic interventions that are most popular among women (but not only) there is the microblading, a non-invasive treatment, similar to a tattoo, which allows you to fill in the lines of eyebrows or lips, redefining or sculpting them in a precise way.

Precisely because it is not invasive and guarantees a natural result, obtained through pigmentation made with specific tools, microblading is adopted by 80% of women who want to solve lip problems; this tool indeed redraws the contour of the lips and enlarges them, without however being too artificial or unnatural.

The first piece of advice if you are thinking about microblading is, of course, to contact qualified beauty centers and to rely on competent personnel, who have completed a microblading course with a certificate valid throughout the territory.

Lip microblading, what is it for?

As mentioned, microblading does not change the appearance of the lips, but it tries to enhance them giving them volume and a well-defined contour; in fact, a contour is created similar to that which could be created with a very normal one nude lip pencil, thus saving time to manually define it in the morning.

Lip microblading can also be used to eliminate discoloration or slight imperfections on the lips; it is however advisable to start from a light color, without daring too much, because the make-up is semi-permanent and you must avoid at all costs that you clearly notice the gap between the tattoo and the natural color of the lips.

How is lip microblading performed

The treatment is carried out through the demographer, a machine similar to that used by tattoo artists, which pigments the lips under the skin guaranteeing a natural, semi-permanent result, which lightens over time.

The results after the lip microblading treatment

Lip healing after microblading treatment generally occurs in four different stages: the first day the color begins to oxidize, and the lips may be darker than expected; this process could last at least until the fourth day when, just like with a tattoo, some spots may also be noticed crusts.

These usually detach by tenth day, and at this time the color may seem a little faded; do not worry, after a couple of days, once healing is complete, the color will return to its original hue (but it could take about 11 to 40 days).

Immediately after the treatment is important use moisturizer, to be applied gently on the lip contour, and applied daily lip balm or protective sticks, to give the lips softness. It is also advisable to avoid the sauna and steam room, the lamps and swimming.

If allergic rashes on the skin are noticed, it is advisable to immediately contact the doctor and the beauty center that carried out the treatment.

Lip microblading: contraindications and side effects

Penetrating only in the first layers of the dermis it is natural that, with the passage of time, with the replacement of the skin, microblading lighten until it disappears completely. After the session the affected area may appear swollen is reddened, but these small side effects tend to disappear, as seen, within a few days.

As for the risks, they are obviously more limited if you choose a competent beauty center, in which by law an ASL document certifying the hygienic-sanitary license must be posted; the pigments used must be certified and sterile by law, and everything must be discarded in front of you.

Swelling, which depends a lot on the extent of the area affected by microblading, e crusts are, as mentioned, the main consequences of the treatment; if they go on longer than expected and cause pain, it is absolutely essential to contact your doctor.

The only people who cannot carry out the lip microblading treatment are those who have thecold sores.

Microblading lips, indicative prices

Clearly each beauty center has its own tariff, but the prices for lip microblading can start from 200 euros and go up to 800, with an average of 400 euros per treatment.

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