Micellar water: what it is for and the best 6

A cosa serve e come si usa l'acqua micellare, lo struccante che idrata la pelle

A revolutionary product rich in benefits in the world of make-up is undoubtedly themicellar water. A make-up remover that does not dry or pull the skin, leaving it clean and hydrated. Its innovative formulation is increasingly appreciated, and the demand from those who want to try it grows.

Today there are many on the market products to choose from, but it is important to choose the one that best suits your skin type and need. Let’s see together what it is used for, how to use it, which are the best and where to find them.

Micellar water: what is it for?

Micellar water is a solution a aqueous base which contains micelles in suspension, hence the name. Micelles are cleaning particles capable of attracting fat: micellar water applied to the face manages to attract fat and impurities to itself, which thus leave the skin. It is originally from France, but in the last decade it has spread a lot around the world.

It is a very cosmetic product delicate is suitable for all skin types, even for people suffering from certain allergies, it does not alter the pH and does not affect the complexions. Its main function is that of cleanse the face, and thanks to its action, is also used as makeup remover which has several benefits, first of all the ability to moisturize the skin, which after application is soft and not stretched.

Micellar water is primarily used for the face cleaning like cleansing, toning and moisturizing. For this reason it is recommended to remove impurities and make-up from the face, especially with a make-up that is not too resistant, as in the case of waterproof or long-lasting products. It is therefore useful in the morning as a cleansing to remove residues of sweat and sebum, and in the evening to remove makeup and impurities of the day.

How is micellar water used?

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The two main reasons for the success micellar water are his comfort and there easy to use. Just apply a small amount on a cotton pad and spread on the face with small circular movements. It is important to pass it evenly over every area of ​​the face, and not to rub it.

The innovation of micellar water is the fact of not having to necessarily rinse face after application. This product was very popular initially in the fashion world, as it allows you to remove smudged or modified makeup parts in seconds and leaves the model’s skin ready to be made up again. it is neither oily nor creamy.

DIY micellar water

Micellar water is appreciated and chosen by more and more people, who love the ease and comfort of its use, its lightness and delicacy. However, the products on the market can be expensive, especially if they are used constantly. Furthermore, the articles may contain parabens, surfactants, and other substances that are not always natural.

The alternative solutions are the organic products, or the recipes for DIY micellar water. The ingredients to make it at home are: 100 ml of distilled water, 1 or 2 teaspoons of aloe vera gel, 2 teaspoons of eco-bio mild detergent. Just mix everything in a bottle, preferably glass, and the cleansing make-up remover water is ready.

Alternatives exist using 50ml of distilled water and 50ml of chamomile infusion: in this case you need to add a teaspoon of biological detergent and that’s it. With the’rose water the result is even more effective. 97 ml of distilled rose water must be combined with 3 ml of jojoba oil and 20 drops of Cosgard.

Micellar water: the 6 best

Thanks to its innovative action, in recent years the best brands and cosmetics houses have created lines of micellar water. There choice it is very wide, but there are products that are more suitable for all needs. Here is a list of the 6 best articles available in stores and online.

1. Bioderma Sensibio H2O

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Bioderma is one of the first brands to make known the advantages of micellar water, and its own Sensibio H2O Solution remains one of the best still on the market. Created specifically for sensitive skin, it effectively removes impurities and make-up from the face and around the eyes. Its combination of great performance and high tolerability leaves the skin perfectly clean, but also hydrated and radiant.
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2. Garnier Micellar Water

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Much more affordable price, and the same reliability for theGarnier cleansing micellar water. A gentle cleanser that removes dirt and impurities without drying the skin, and without the need for rinsing. The skin of the face is soothed, refreshed, clean and does not pull. This product is suitable for all skin types.
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3. Collistar Micellar Cleansing Cleansing Water

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L’Collistar Micellar Water is a product that, thanks to its micellar formulation, is able to remove make-up and cleanse the whole face, including eyes and lips, in a single gesture. His action detox gives immediate well-being, tones, hydrates and leaves the skin pure, fresh and luminous. It is suitable for all skin types, both for removing make-up and for cleaning the face upon awakening.
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4. La Roche-Posay Effaclar

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A micellar water with excellent properties is that of La Roche-Posay Effaclar which guarantees deep, intense and effective hydration. Its conformation without parabens and allergens, contains fragments of hyaluronic acid and thermal water, and other ingredients that make the skin soft and supple.
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5. BIOTHERM Biosource Eau Micellaire

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L’Biotherm Biosource Micellar Water is a cleansing make-up remover with instantaneous and integral action that purifies the skin and removes make-up in a delicate and fast way. The skin is extremely clean and soft.
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6. Avène Cleanance

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Avène Cleanance Micellar Water uses naturally active spring water to purify and cleanse the skin of blemishes and impurities. Its formula helps regulate sebum production, leaving the skin fresh and hydrated after removing makeup.
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