Menstrual calendar: Apps and sites to find out your period days in advance


Calculating the days of your period is easy but what happens when you forget to write down the beginning of your period in your diary? Here’s how you remember the dates of your menstruation and calculate your fertility periods.

How does it work?

Especially at a young age it is ashamed to ask for information about the menstrual cycle, still considered a taboo, there are many associations even in Italy that support and help young girls in understanding and learning to listen to their body during menstruation.

How often does your period come?

About each 28 days the menstrual cycle runs its course, influencing women’s mood and fitness at various times.

The first day and the following 5/7 they are the ones that most influence the mood. The pain (often very severe) can lead to states of anger, irritability and vulnerability. These sensations, sometimes accompanied by sadness, are caused by the hormonal changes to which the body is subjected.

After about 14 days, theovulation, that is the exit of the egg from the follicle and the beginning of its journey towards the uterus. These days we tend to feel more attractive and feminine.

Immediately following ovulation, the body begins to prepare for the new menstruation, triggering the so-called: pre-menstrual syndrome. Often this moment is characterized by skin changes (but it changes from woman to woman). The skin may appear more impure and with small pimples, water retention, breast tenderness and a sharper and more pungent intimate odor.

Menstrual calendar, there are APPs

A good habit you should have is to keep a diary of your menstrual period. This method will help you not only to always arrive prepared for the “red date” but also to keep under control possible delays or unpleasant gynecological problems.

There are some pathologies that affect the female reproductive system, the symptoms of which are precisely the irregularity and the variation of the frequency of the cycle. By keeping an eye on the periodicity, you will have a more complete picture.

Marking the date of each period can certainly be a burden, but today it is possible to use comodisse App or sites that once important data is recorded they will send you a notification when you are about to have your period.

What does it mean: fertile period and menstrual period

Once you have entered the data requested on the various sites it is essential to learn how to read your menstrual calendar and understand the difference between: fertile period is menstrual period.

  • With fertile period means the day when fertility is at its peak. The general physical feeling is of a good mood and if you decide to have children, this is the best time.
  • The menstrual period it is when the cycle begins. Our advice is to prepare in advance, buying sanitary pads or a menstrual cup and always carrying a practical and effective kit with you in your bag for proper intimate hygiene.

Period delay: am I pregnant?

Quiet, having a delayed period does not always mean being pregnant! The use of the menstrual calendar will help you to keep ovulation under control which being a physiological process influenced by hormones and can vary slightly from month to month.

The delay in your period it can therefore be caused by various factors such as:

  • weight gain or loss
  • polycystic ovary syndrome
  • hypo or hyperthyroidism
  • stress

Obviously, for avoid pregnancy or the transmission of diseases it is important to use during every sexual intercourse the condom. Always remember that i birth control methods they only protect against unwanted pregnancy but not HIV, herpes or other diseases.

Menstrual calendar apps and sites

If you are looking for sites to consult is App to download on your smartphone to keep the menstrual calendar know that there are really many, both online and to download.

On the Lines site you can find a simple computer which, by inserting: the day your last menstruation started, with how many days pass between a cycle and the other and to the duration of your menstruation it calculates you in a few moments when your next period will appear.

By clicking on the “get a notification” button you will be able to synchronize the menstrual calendar created by the site on your favorite device (computer or mobile). The same procedure is also available on the Buscofen website which, however, unlike Lines, does not give the possibility to download the calendar.

As regards the App (iOS and Android) is the best and most downloaded you can choose between:

  • Clue – Track your cycle (Android / iOS)
  • Flo – Menstrual Calendar (Android / iOS)
  • WomanLog (Android / iOS)
  • My Calendar (Android / iOS)
  • Menstrual Cycle Calendar (Android / iOS)
  • Maya – Menstrual Cycle Tracker (Android / iOS / Windows)

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