Men’s skincare: guide with all the steps and products to use


What are the products and steps of the male beauty routine? Find out here together with an ad hoc focus for each skin type

When it comes to beauty often, too often, we always speak in the feminine but la skincare for men and the male beauty routine exists and should not be underestimated. Knowing how to take care of your skin, whether it is combination, dry or oily, has no gender boundaries and you have to be careful not to categorize anything as ‘male’ or ‘female’.

Obviously it is impossible to deny that there are any differences between one and the other, such as the beard, and for this reason it is good to know which are the passages dedicated to the male beauty routine and products dedicated to man skincare to never give up.

Men’s skincare: the steps

Every good routine dedicated to the skin, whether it is male or female, is made up of steps and steps to follow to respect the skin and give it right hydration and lipid film which is up to the skin. From cleansing to scrub passing through a good hydration without forgetting the care dedicated to the beard, that is grooming.

Step 1: cleansing

Cleanse your face is a step to be done both in the morning and in the evening, the most disciplined men, and skincare enthusiasts, will be able to opt for double cleansing to eliminate fat and pollution thanks to the cleansing by affinity. For those looking for a faster cleanser, the gel formulas they are the perfect solution because they are light and do not weigh down the skin. To avoid, however, the classic hand soap: too aggressive and which tends to dry the skin. As well as for women, it also figures among the facial cleansing mistakes for men.

Step 2: the scrub

For a light and purified skin, a face scrub should not be missing. Whether single or combined with the detergent, this step must be carried out no more than twice a week and preferably in the evening. The microparticles, preferably of natural origin, contained within it will allow you to purify the fattest areas while also helping to open the pores improving the growth of the beard.

Step 3: hydration

If scrub and cleansing are two steps all in all common, even for men not accustomed to skincare, hydration it is a passage that is often skipped on even foot. Yet, adding a good moisturizer (even better if preceded by a serum), in addition to slowing the appearance of wrinkles and expression lines, also allows you to eliminate that sense of dryness that is often present on the male face.

Step 4: grooming

Impossible not to mention the grooming when it comes to the male skincare. This step dedicated in all respects to beard care not only allows you to hydrate and polish the hair, but also to discipline it, thus making the whole more orderly and allowing it to grow carefully and regularly. Perfect for fans who like to always be in order. Oils, balms, aftershaves: these are just some of the products that just can’t be missing.

Optional step: the masks

Yes, face masks are a real treat for the skin and, whether they are in fabric, patch or cream, you can add them to your beauty routine. A real energy boost to add at least once a week according to your skin’s needs: detoxifying, purifying, moisturizing or brightening. The choice is up to you and the final effect you want to achieve.

Men’s skincare for combination skin

Find your own skin type it is never easy, but to find out it is enough to observe it carefully. For example, if the forehead, nose and chin are always shiny and have different impurities, while the cheeks tend to normal or to redden because they are particularly delicate, you should know that your skin is mixed.

For this reason you need to treat it by areas: more purification in the T-zone and more hydration and care on the cheeks. Do not forget, then, to add a good layer of hydration to avoid too thirsty the skin and obtain the opposite effect.

Dry skin, men’s skincare

Dry skin is easy to spot: it turns red easily, feels dry and rough to the touch and often reacts badly if the products used are not designed ad hoc. In this case, the cleansing must be rich and the detergents that are too aggressive are not good at all and, for this reason, opt for a rich product such as a cleansing oil it’s a gentle cleanser.

Particular attention to the beard in the case of dry skin that must be carefully oiled otherwise it could cause ingrown hairs which, in addition to being visually unattractive, can cause small pimples and localized infections.

Skincare man oily skin

Very common among men, oily skin needs an ad hoc routine to try to purify the skin, make the texture more compact and decrease the presence of pores. But be careful, even in this case hydration must not be lacking (step often skipped in the case of more oily skin), but an ad hoc product such as a gel or a moisturizing face mist must be chosen.

Yes to scrub, but not every day for the rush to thoroughly purify the skin: this could react with the opposite effect (called rebound) to protect the skin and produce even more sebum.

The best products for men

THE products and kits for men’s skincare are designed specifically for those who have little confidence with these products and seek, often and willingly, multipurpose solutions and on the go. From cleanser to moisturizers through to beard oils, to help you we have selected the best products dedicated to the male beauty routine to have in your bathroom.

Cellmen – Wash ‘n’ Shave

Bulldog Skincare Duo Kit – Facial cleanser and moisturizer

Collistar man – Hydra Gel face and eyes 24h

Barberino’s – Moisturizing beard balm

DIOR – Dior Homme Dermo System

Ren Clean skincare – Flash Hydro Boost

AEOS – Starter Kit Blue

ClarinsMen Super Moisturizing Conditioner SPF20

Apricot Beauty & Healthcare – Turmeric Multitasking Cream

Biofficina Toscana – Woody Notes Beard Oil

Lavera Men Sensitive Moisturizing Cream with Organic Ginkgo & Bamboo

Barber Pro – Skin Revival Kit

Susanne Kaufmann – After Shave Balm Line M

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