Men’s skincare for combination and oily skin: products and step by step steps


How to treat men’s skin that has shiny areas and impurities? With the right products and targeted skincare that we reveal to you here

Among the male beauty routines, the men’s skincare for combination skin is oily it is certainly the most widespread. This type of skin, in fact, is the most frequent among men and knowing how to treat it allows you to get a radiant and purified complexion at the same time. Obviously, to have this final result, some must be respected steps and steps to reach a “T zone” without imperfections besides the best products dedicated to skincare for men with combination or oily skin.

The skincare routine for oily skin

Recognizing oily skin isn’t that complicated, even when it comes to men’s beauty routines. In this case, the skin is often present shiny, greasy and heavy and with large pores and many impurities.

The sebaceous glands present on the face, in this case, tend to be larger sebum production which can be caused by several reasons: stress, wrong skincare, external climatic agents or hormones high and in turmoil.

Although you think that the skincare for oily skin should be thought only and only to purify the skin, you have to be careful not to overdo it.

For example apply it scrub too many times a week or choosing an excessively astringent toner could cause the opposite effect by causing the skin to produce an additional amount of sebum to protect the skin and adding hydration.

The skincare for combination skin

Many, indeed many, men have combination skin but they often and willingly mistake their skin for a decidedly more oily and impure one. The characteristics of combination skin, in fact, show oiliness in the “T zone” while it remains drier and thirsty in the areas around the eyes, cheeks and edges of the nose.

This type of skin, therefore, cannot be treated uniformly, but needs to be treated by areas: in some it is more purified and relieved, in others it is deeply hydrated.

In fact, the use of detoxifying products alone could dehydrate it further and, as a defense reaction, the skin on the one hand could increase the production of sebum and, on the other, become even more dry and dehydrated.

The steps for oily and combination skin

Know i steps, steps and the best products to treat oily and combination skin is a first approach to the world of male skincare. This routine, made up of small steps and rituals to be followed both in the morning and in the evening, is completed with small extra steps to be done once a week or in emergencies, such as the appearance of pimples.


WOMO RINSE OFF CLEANSING GEL – facial cleansing gel designed for the most delicate skin

DRUNK ELEPHANT Travel Duo Bars With Bag – Two soap bars that act as gentle cleansers on the skin and formulated with non-aggressive pH. One exfoliating and the other moisturizing to remove impurities accumulated during the day.

FRESH Kombucha Cleansing Treatment – treatment based on kombucha that purifies impure skin, eliminating the traces left by pollution while nourishing the microbiota (natural defense system of the skin).

Dermalogica intensive rebalancing moisturizing cleanser – A mild and creamy cleanser that effectively removes impurities while deeply nourishing dehydrated skin, which will appear cleaner, softer and brighter.

The first phase of skincare always and in any case concerns cleansing which, in this case, must absolutely not consist of a classic hand soap. Our advice is to work on two fronts: first a produced in oil, which will eliminate impurities and pollution by affinity, and then a ad hoc detergent, in foam or gel, to remove any residues.

If you love cleansing milk, it can be a good alternative, but never forget to rinse it off and then use a facial cleanser.

Scrub for oily skin

Anthony face scrub – The perfectly smooth microspheres remove impurities without scratching or irritating the skin for a brighter appearance.

Oway Glow glowing face gommage – Exfoliating and delicate facial treatment with purifying, astringent and calming action thanks to Green Clay. Promotes the reduction of dilated pores and shiny areas.

Depot No. 802 exfoliating skin cleanser – Scrub that combines the smoothing and cleansing action thanks to the triple action volcanic sand, exfoliating, detoxifying and smoothing.

Grown Alchemist Polishing Facial Exfoliant: Pink Grapefruit & Glucomannan Extract – Gentle face peeling, specific for frequent use, which removes dead cells and dry skin, giving a fresh, radiant and soothed appearance.

Those with oily skin always seek purification and it scrub is the correct product for purify the pores, eliminate dead cells and stimulate cell regeneration and micro blood circulation of the face.

In addition to the different DIY variants, you can opt for a classic scrub in a tube and in a jar. If you have delicate skin that tends to redden easily, it is better to opt for a scrub: more delicate or less scrubbing. While if your skin has no problems, you can easily choose a more intense scrub, preferably with natural microgranules, which should be used at most once a week.

In the case of combination skin, on the other hand, opt for a localized exfoliation by purifying the T-zone forehead, nose, chin – and opt for a more delicate scrub on the cheeks, perhaps every 15 days.

Tonic for combination skin

Florena face tonic – Fermented jasmine and fermented angelica oil for deep cleansing, gently removing impurities, leaving no residue.

Pixi Clarity Tonic – Purifying Toning Lotion contains powerful AHAs, antioxidants and rebalancing probiotics that help cleanse the skin and reduce the appearance of pores.

Clinique Clarifying Lotion 4 – Formula with a delicate exfoliating lotion that removes dead cells on the surface, promoting the natural process of cell renewal.

Clarins Purifying Tonic – Alcohol-free tonic, with organic meadow queen and organic witch hazel extracts.

The tonic is a product unknown to most, but it is essential to restore the pH of the skin, thus re-establishing a balance that may have been unbalanced by external conditions. The tonicmoreover, it also helps to eliminate traces of dirt that often deposit in the pores (and then form the famous blackheads) thus making the skin even cleaner and more cleansed.

Salicylic acid, for example, is a real wonder for skin with acne or with numerous pimples and impurities. Be careful, however, excessive use of this product could create annoying skin reactions: redness, burning and a sense of tension. The advice is to apply it, at least at the beginning, every other day and then go to intensify it in the event of a positive response from the skin.

Better to tap it than rub it with a disposable cotton pad: in addition to being a greener solution, it avoids unnecessary friction that could break the capillaries and does not allow the product to be dispersed in the various pads.

Hydration even for oily skin

Sephora Collection Toning Moisturizing Fluid – Moisturizing fluid with a creamy and non-oily texture penetrates quickly, smoothes and hydrates the skin. Natural hyaluronic acid protects the skin from external aggressions, giving it a more toned appearance and reducing wrinkles.

Kiehl’s Facial Fuel Energizing Moisture Treatment for Men – A cream with a non-greasy formula that regenerates and restores brightness to dull and dull skin. Thanks to the caffeine and menthol that give the face a pleasant energizing sensation.

Freshly Cosmetics Pacific Ocean Moisturizing Gel – Natural, oil free and non-comedogenic: this face cream gel is a natural injection of hydration that ensures smooth, toned and even skin without greasing.

Mediterranea Man Invisible Cream – Multi-active anti-aging, regenerating and protective moisturizing cream for supple and smooth skin.

One of the urban legends that has ruined the skincare of so many people, men or women, is that the oily or combination skin does not need hydration. Big lie: both the oily and the mixed ones need a thin layer which, in addition to acting as a shield against external agents, allows you to add a right dose of hydration and water to the skin itself.

Because dry skin is very different from dehydrated skin: while the first is a natural skin condition that must be treated ad hoc, the second can happen to anyone and happens when the right amount of water is not added.

Moisturize, be it with a combo of serum + cream or just with a moisturizer, it also means working against wrinkles and imperfections of time. Because a dehydrated skin will be a skin destined to develop more wrinkles and to age prematurely.

Face mask for oily skin

L’Occitane en Provence® Purifying Face Mask – Single-dose soothing mask to purify and mattify giving brightness to combination and oily skin.

Dr. Jart + Dermask Peeling Mask – A bubble mask for gentle carbon bubble exfoliation. Ideal for deep cleansing of the pores, rebalancing the pH of the skin.

BOSCIA Charcoal Pore-Minimizing Bio-Cellulose Mask – Biocellulose mask that blends with charcoal to cleanse the skin and reduce the appearance of pores, for a fresh and refined look.

REN CLEAN SKINCARE Evercalm Soothing Mask – Mask to soothe the skin and help fight external factors such as stress, cold or pollution. Its formula strengthens the skin barrier and relieves inflamed skin.

The face masks for oily skin for men they are a valid help to be introduced once a week, perhaps to carve out a few moments of relaxation after a shower. These products, in cream or fabric, are a great help for those looking for a bit of purification.

Usually based on clay, white, green or pink, in addition to purifying it also performs a light exfoliating action. Also useful peel-off masks which, if applied in targeted areas, allow you to thoroughly cleanse the pores, remove dirt and impurities.

There mixed skin, on the other hand, the need for a double action: if on the one hand the “T zone” needs to be thoroughly purified, on the other hand the driest areas need an extra pampering made by moisturizing, emollient masks and, why not, also from eye patches to restore tone to the eye contour. Therefore, it will be sufficient to apply the various areas for a truly enjoyable multimasking.

Treatments for pimples and impurities

Lavera Pure Beauty Gel Anti-Pimples – An SOS to fight annoying sudden pimples thanks to organic mint and natural salicylic acid.

Miamo Dry spot – Solution based on Sulfur 7.5%, Zinc Oxide 2% and Salicylic Acid 0.5%. with an astringent, sanitizing and soothing action.

Dots for Spots® – Small adhesive discs that use hydrocolloid technology to absorb impurities

KASCIN Patch Pimples – Patches from Korean skincare that clean and heal the pimple and protect it from dust and dirt at the same time.

Despite a well-structured and structured skincare, both for combination skin and for oily skin, small pimples can often appear, caused both by an excess of sebum production, and by small inflammations caused by shaving.

For this reason it is good to appeal to gods emergency treatment: real concentrates that, if applied locally, can help eliminate inflammation thus avoiding the worsening of the pimple.

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