Men's Looks New Year 2020 – See Tips and Trends


The new year celebration is coming and has been bringing a trend show also in Men's Fashion. That's why we've made a selection of stylish looks to inspire and rock you this New Year's Eve!

Men's Looks New Year 2020

Newest Trends and Men's Look Tips for New Year 2020

Men are getting bolder each day and learning to give voice to
your emotions. They are rediscovering that fashion is more than vanity, fashion
 It is mainly identity. Through her, or her way of dressing,
you say who you are and where you are going…

So we have prepared a manual with the main trends for you to adapt them to your style, bringing great energies for the coming year!

White with beige and neutral

White has become the big classic of this day and between bets is combining it with neutral tones.

A tip is to opt for natural materials such as cotton and linen that are super high, and are better suited to this time of year that is usually hot.

Seaside White – Natural materials like linen bring a refined air

Pants in light beige or chino beige, as well as off-white and raw shades, gained prominence when combined with white shirts, making the look elegant and cool at the same time, making this look one of the favorites of famous and fashionistas.

To top it off, in a more casual setting, opt for a stylish flip-flop or leather sandal! Already in a more formal place, opt for shoe also worked in light color.

Bet on leather sandals and make the look even more stylish! Look Renner

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A touch of color: bet on neon!

The neon is also among the highlights of the season. For those who want to get out of the traditional, how about innovating by combining the classic white with a neon piece?

neon male fashion for summer 2020

At first, the light tone was a success in the 1980s and came back in full force. For New Year's Eve, the idea is to invest in light spots rather than a complete look. Wear a white shirt with neon shorts, for example!

neon lime green
Neon may also be present in trendy men's accessories – Men's Looks New Year 2020
neon male fashion
Men's Looks New Year 2020 – Neon Remains among the Top Trends for 2020

Looks with Bermuda

Shorts are also a great option to enjoy New Year's parties. They can be worn with shirts and even blazers for more elegant looks. They are also a good way to escape the heat, typical of this era.

The belt is an indispensable accessory to bring finish and personality to the look.

Men's Looks New Year 2020


Men's fashion brings fashionistas a versatile and comfortable piece: the jumpsuit. Highlight for the gardeners who returned with fashion status. The models in jeans have become a real fever among famous and influencers.

Men's Looks New Year 2020

Men's Jumpsuit
The highlight goes to the models in jeans.

Summer 2020 Prints


He also ceased to be a nature explorer and became a friend. Men are becoming adept at prints, and especially at foliage.

Floral print shirt
Men's Looks New Year 2020
Flowing New Year's Eve
The white contrast will keep the look in New Year's Eve style.


Some prefer to spend the new year in trendy places around the country. The ideal in this case is to check the dress code of the event, but stripe is great for celebrations in style.

Stripes with torn jeans, cool and sexy!

Tie dye

Last but not least, the 'Tye Die' print which is the big hit of the summer. Popularized by the hippie movement, washes and handmade dyes like the die die have become a real fever and can be a great choice for New Year's Eve.

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