Men’s beard trends 2021, the styles to copy immediately


Manicured, uncultivated, bushy or just hinted at. And again, 10 days or … many months. What is the trendiest beard? Find out with us, looking at the photos of the sexiest actors on the planet!

If you are imagining a beard style for your boy, here is the article for you. We have identified the trendy look in spring summer 2021, with a roundup of bearded actors among the sexiest on the planet. By the way, always liked bearded man? Not always: according to costume studies, even the hairs of the male face they undergo the influences of fashions and changes in aesthetic canons. Only up to 10 years ago, those who wore their faces entirely covered by a beard – and a long one too – were considered out of fashion. And women didn’t always like him.

In fact, the make yourself more attractive for the fairer sex would not even figure among the reasons that push men to grow a beard. Behind there would be evolutionary explanations that leverage competition between males. In summary: the man who has the face covered with long and thick hair it would give other competitors a sign of greater virility. True not true, the fact is that the beard look definitely enhances many faces. Just choose the right style. Here are some ideas.

Anchor beard

It is called that, because its shape resembles an anchor (precisely that of ships). It is characterized by a very precise pattern in the mouth and chin area: mustache and goatee they are well delineated, assuming a more or less rounded line. The actor Ryan Gosling he is one of the greatest exponents, also thanks to his long face which lends itself well to such a neat beard.

For who: ideal for those looking for a British style with a typical refined elegance.

Beard barely mentioned

Among the grooming trends of spring summer 2021, the beard David Beckham ranks in the very first places. A now classic style that never ceases to tire, because it gives that mix of maturity and aria as an eternal boy. His winning weapon? The balanced length of the hair, neither too short nor too long: it is in fact a beard of a few days. But difficult for it to reach 10.

For who: ideal for those who want a simple look, not too studied.

Short and well trimmed beard

The actor’s style rises on the podium of trendy beards Zac Efron, that is, one 3 day beard, but short and neat. With a well-defined structure, this look can take on carefully designed shapes, especially on the cheeks. The touch of style? The tuft under the lower lip known as soul patch, originated from the style of jazz musicians of the last century. The Italian name is, however, “mosca or moschetta”, depending on the size.

For who: ideal for those who are constant in the use of the beard trimmer.

Beard hunter

Hunter in English means “hunter”. If you think of the beard in an absolute sense this style comes to mind, right? That the actor Ryan Reynolds plays perfectly. Very current also in 2021, it is an easy style to manage thanks to its uncultivated structure. But it is only appearance: it must be regulated every 10 days, shortening just the hairs of the cheeks, to avoid becoming too thick. And thus lose your measured style.

For who: ideal for long and not too full faces.

Hollywoodian Style Beard

Also known as “Hollywood”, this beard has become a cult thanks to the actor Leonardo Dicaprio who for some years has been showing it off on all occasions, outside shooting. A grooming trend of spring summer 2021 is confirmed by virtue of its air of yesteryear, a very strong trend of the last year. It is similar to the anchor beard except that it does not grow on the cheeks, but just around the perimeter of the jaw.

For who: ideal for square and full faces characterized by high cheekbones.

Van Dyck beard

A very trendy look seen in Sanremo 2021 on Fulminacci, Random and Willie Peyote. This style is named in honor of the 17th century Flemish painter Antoon van Dyck who used to wear it, thus inaugurating a fashion. Very elegant and sophisticated, it requires daily care, because it is necessary to remove excess hair at the level of the cheeks and neck. Sometimes it can take on a more beautiful and damned look, just like the actor Jonny Depp.

For who: ideal for those who love vintage styles.

Full beard beard

In times of semi-lockdown and red areas, between closures of barbers and barber shops, the full and thick beard is confirmed as a great trend of spring summer 2021. The one sported by the actor Jake Gyllenhaal is characterized by the slightly elongated shape that makes it look like another type of beard, namely the ducktail, literal translation of duck tail.

For who: ideal for those who love the wild look to be tamed with a little conditioner and softening oil!

Hipster beard

Staying on the subject of thick, full beards, the hipster beard is another big 2021 trend, as it takes a lot of time (and patience to grow). It is an uncultivated style that can be modeled at will, playing with specific waxes and oils. Its peculiarity is in the symmetrical shape who wants the hair grown in the same length and along the perimeter of the face. In the photo the actor Bradley Cooper.

For who: ideal for those who have fun with modeling waxes.

10 day beard

Uncultivated, irregular, imprecise: so is the 10-day beard. People like it because it gives a sexy tone thanks to its lived-in air that doesn’t seem to require major “studies”. In reality, the study is necessary, indeed, because it is necessary to calculate the days to keep it at this length. In the photo the actor Matthew McConaughey.

For who: ideal for all facial structures.

One day beard

The one-day beard like that of the actor closes our roundup of trendy beards for spring summer 2021 Patrick Dempsey. A paradox? No, because in the democracy of styles once again the freedom to let facial hair grow as and how much you want from yourself (or from your man) is reconfirmed!

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