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Meiri Coracini

Fashion trend, the knit vest is the new bet of the moment. This piece is very successful in the winter, but it also gained a new function in the summer looks. Among serious, stripped proposals and overlaps, this piece will win you over. Check out.

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30 photos of knit vest to convert you to have that piece in the closet

You will be enchanted by these inspirations of knit vest. It is possible to abuse the piece in different compositions. In addition to many colors and shapes, you can also opt for smooth pieces, with textures and designs. Choose your favorite!

1. Your looks will be more impactful with the knit vest

Natalia Bars

2. It can be part of a more casual proposal

Natali Ramos

3. Or rock in a sophisticated look

Camille Zaka

4. It looks elegant with designs

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5. And also with plain colors

Aline Tabata Rech

6. You can use it to give up summer looks

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7. Or to keep warm and chic in winter

Carol Birk

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8. He looks beautiful with pants

Pamella’s Tips

9. And also with short shorts

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10. It is an attractive piece to abuse overlays

Ma Beraldo

11. The light tones make the look more delicate

July Chagas

12. This baby blue is a great bet

Le Chiesa

13. You can combine it with different shades of jeans

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14. Black and white never goes out of style

Renata Rbp

15. Candy colors have everything

Julia Gavazza

16. But vibrant colors also impact

Dani Pacheco

17. You can use the vest with modern high-waisted trousers

Any Naves

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18. Or with powerful leather pants

Camille Zaka

19. It looks beautiful with the short length

Giovanna Bertozzi

20. And also with the longest length

Aline Kupty

21. You can use it with other wardrobe pieces

Lidiane de Carvalho

22. Or alone, in a cooler combination

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23. Combine with a white shirt and rock

Kassiana Samella

24. Vest models with a neckline also look great in overlays

Marcela Costa

25. You can create a cute look with dresses

Aline Kupty

26. And also with your favorite jeans

Naiby Cabral

27. Be in a fun look

Celina Flor

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28. Or in a more serious look

Such Bazan

29. The knit vest will win your heart

Ani Naves

30. It is worth having this piece to always rock!

Le Arantes

With so many cool options, it will be difficult to choose just one. And the coolest thing is to be able to use this piece in different seasons. She is beautiful and very versatile!

How to make knit vest

If you are a fan of this technique, check out some tutorials on how to weave your own knit vest. You can vary the format and also the type of line, to give different finishes. Prepare the needle and follow:

Warm and sophisticated knitting vest

This vest is more closed, perfect for keeping your body warm. It can be combined with shirts to make your look more elegant. Its structure can be created with cotton thread, Anne thread or charm thread.

Stripped knit vest

The knit vest is a versatile piece that you can wear even in the summer. In this version, it is lighter and combines perfectly with casual looks. See in the video how the Baroque yarn can be used to create your piece.

Abuse of this beautiful piece in winter

Because it is made with Angora yarn, this vest is thicker and more structured. You can combine it with several basic long sleeve blouses. It is ideal for keeping warm on the opposite days. In addition, this video is perfect for those who are venturing into the world of knitting, but do not have much experience. You will take the letter!

Knitting is a beautiful handmade technique that is part of the routine of many talented women. And if you are a fan of his and want to remain stylish, also check out these knit jacket options that are all good.

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