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By Liz Santana

On April 21, 2001

Sustainable fashion is no longer a simple trend to become reality for many brands in the fashion world. However, do you know what this concept proposes? To update you on the topic, let’s talk here about the main characteristics of this behavior already adopted by many people around the world.

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What is sustainable fashion?

In a nutshell, sustainable fashion is nothing more than a set of actions that seek to minimally impact the environment. It defends the conscious production of quality clothes, accessories and shoes, using the least amount of polluting substances in the industries. In addition, it also encourages the reuse of used parts, going against waste and unrestrained consumption.

Characteristics of sustainable fashion

This concept has been widely debated by the fashion segment. However, the idea of ​​conscious consumption can be adapted to many other sectors of society. In fact, the balance between sustainability and fashion can be reflected in several ways, such as:

Use of eco-friendly fabrics


It is possible to join sustainable fashion through the use of recyclable materials, such as defibrated fabrics and organic cotton. In this way, the company will be able to reuse some items that would be discarded in the ocean or in landfills.

Timeless and durable parts


Another way to contribute to the reduction of waste and impact on the environment through sustainable fashion, is to produce pieces that last and are timeless. Unlike fast fashion, which encourages the renewal of items every season, this idea gives space to the reuse of clothes from previous seasons.

Alternative dyeing methods


Another change advocated is the adoption of paints of natural origin, which are less toxic and reduce the impact on the environment. Therefore, there will be no contamination in the soil and water.

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Reuse of materials


The reuse of solid waste also appears as an important feature of sustainable fashion. This idea has already been practiced by some companies, which make the correct destination for some materials.

Buying from thrift stores


One of the best ways to promote conscious consumption is to start shopping at thrift stores. The internet is full of profiles that sell used or new parts at an affordable price. Without a doubt, this is a great initiative to encourage sustainable fashion.

Adherence to slow fashion


Slow fashion has as main objectives to prioritize the place, besides stimulating a culture of ecological consumption. With this, the consumer starts to develop a global awareness about the costs of producing and selling a certain product.

Sustainable fashion has many benefits, especially for the environment. In addition to reducing waste, air and water quality can improve considerably. Therefore, it is very important that not only the consumer is informed and changes their behavior, but also the fashion industry is more responsible and active in this cause.

Sustainable fashion brands

The Brazilian consumer is increasingly demanding and smart in relation to the positioning of companies. Therefore, if you are one of those people who are interested in brands that develop products within sustainable fashion, we have separated some options to know.

  • Pantys: Pantys produces sustainable and reusable pads and panties. In addition to contributing to the reduction of waste produced with the consumption of disposable pads, the brand also proposes a change in behavior among women.
  • Timirim Brasil: Timirim Brasil, on the other hand, produces sustainable clothing for newborns, using materials such as organic cotton. In addition, the packaging is also made with 100% recycled material.
  • Insecta Shoes: Insecta Shoes reuses clothes, plastic bottles, rubber and fabric scraps to produce vegan shoes. According to the brand, the idea is to transform habits into actions that are sustainable.
  • Manui Brazil: this brand creates timeless pieces that aim to transmit a differentiated experience. All of them are made with natural fibers, digital dyeing and with manual prints.
  • Zum Fabrics: Zum Tecidos is a company that produces cloths with materials such as beeswax, vegetable oil, natural resin and 100% cotton. The raw material is national and the packaging is also recyclable.
  • Large field: Campo Largo is a company that produces drinks through sustainable practices, through family farming. All inputs are reused and the surplus becomes animal feed or fertilizer.
  • Levh: the Levh brand is a beachwear company that produces sustainable bikinis that do not pollute the environment. The materials used are fishing net nylon, plastics and biodegradable fabrics.
  • Now that you know everything about sustainable fashion, how about adhering to this concept in your next purchases? And if you enjoyed getting to know the slow fashion movement we mentioned in this article, find out how to put it into practice in your life.

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