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Since his arrival we all love matte lipsticks have become the new favorites of all women, but why? 1 for its long duration, you can have the lipstick intact for hours and hours, another advantage is that the color is very powerful and all the tones are exactly as they look in the package. There is a great variety of colors and that are matte allows the color to be fixed well unlike the lipsticks that very quickly blur and others do not look the same as in the presentation.

Lipstick tones 2016

You can find shades for all kinds of events you have, for these dates of inns and gala parties the wine and nudes colors are used a lot, like dark coffee or the lighter ones like the pink stick between another range of colors, if you want to know which will be the most used these dates look at the gallery that I prepared here below I hope you like them a lot.

Makeup styles you should try this season

Lips in dark and black tones autumn-winter trend

Fall-winter lipstick trend

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