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Can't complain about successes. 'Small Matches', the series that Marta Hazas and her husband, Javier Veiga, premiered in 2018, will have an American remake by the NBC and Universal. The first two seasons of the Spanish version are now available on Amazon Prime. And meanwhile, they prepare to close Spanish fiction with a third and final season.

During her time at the presentation of the new sparkling water of Solan de Cabras, we will do it with the actress, always considered one of the best dressed in the red carpets, about style and elegance.

A style icon

  • I love Grace Kelly. Especially when he went to events and in his movies.

A designer

  • Jorge Vázquez. It represents glamor and with dresses that make you dream. But in Spain we have very powerful people: Teresa Helbig, Ana Locking, The 2nd Skin …

A usual ‘look’

  • Well, right now, the most shot is cowboys, a ‘chubby blazer’ and some unas snakers ’

What is the most expensive thing in your closet?

  • Maybe a bag. In clothes I do not invest so much. I think so, that it would be a bag or my wedding dress, now that I think about it (designed by Jorge Vázquez. A dress that, by the way, was put back for the series 'Small coincidences'.

The garment you love most is …

  • There are some. In addition to the bride, there is some other dress that has accompanied me in special moments. And I have some leather boots, Italian, inherited from a cousin of my grandmother who was a model of atelier, beautiful, which are latest fashion now.

How do you get at home?

  • It depends. In general I get something arranged and comfortable for dinner with friends. If there is a lot of confidence, a pajamas, one of these male.

How do you go down for bread?

  • I recognize that I have ever worn my pajamas underneath, in winter, but I wear Mou boots, a wide cowboy and a coat.

Is elegance innate?

  • It is born with a style, but one is polished. Although it is true that there are people whose garment looks amazing and you put it on another and it looks like a rake.

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