Mango’s new viral dress that sweeps Instagram


Leave everything you are doing because we have something very (very) important to tell you: we had a match. And no, this time it wasn’t on Tinder, it was on
Mango. With what? With a
black and white dress with long sleeves that sweeps on Instagram. It has made us forget about the dresses of the new collections and the first fashion jumpers of this fall, and it has found its way directly into our wish list. Seriously, we want to release it now.

Yes, we are already thinking about our first autumn looks (and we recommend that you do the same if you do not want it to run out). And it is that its fabric and its rejuvenating effect have been decisive in making us with this spectacular dress (we already know how we are going to combine it in the coming months). The truth is that Mango never ceases to surprise us with its new season and after signing the tweed dress that influencers have fallen in love with, it has left us this bargain on its website.

It is one of those garments that will be sold out in a matter of minutes because the very
Rocío Osorno has already been done with it. In fact, he has shown us his latest style on his Instagram profile and the truth is that we could not like it more. She combines it with matching heels and a black bag. A marvel!

It is still available on the Mango website and can be yours for
59.99 euros. What are you waiting to get hold of it?


The good news is that it is more versatile than it may sound and you will pay for it in no time. You can combine it with some high-heeled shoes, with your favorite sandals or go for a more groundbreaking look and combine it with biker boots. What are you waiting to get hold of it?

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