Makeup that does not last in summer: how to extend the hold of lipstick


During the summer, make-up is much more delicate and tends to smudge more easily with humidity and sweat. Discover the tricks to follow to make your lipstick summer heat proof!

In the summer, the desire for makeup for some people decreases, for others it increases, or there are those who prefer to apply only some very intense products, such as eyeshadow and lipstick, and leave a very simple and light base.

An example is precisely that of lipstick: there are those who, on the hottest days, want bet everything on the lips, applying colorful and intense products, on which the entire make-up focuses. Of course, the risk of smudging is always around the corner, especially in the hottest season and even more so if you don’t have the habit of applying this cosmetic and have little manual skills.

lipstick and ice cream

Fortunately, however, there are several tricks to make it last much longer and keep it flawless for several hours. Ready to challenge (and win) the heat and humidity with your favorite lipstick?

Password: hydration before lipstick

Each make-up requires one good hydration to perform at their best and this naturally also applies to the lips. To make the lipstick last long, you need to moisturize your mouth well. In this way the product will adhere more easily and will remain for longer without smudging or losing intensity.

So remember to apply a small amount of every morning lip stick in such a way as to make the lips hydrated without greasing them, preparing them for the application of the lipstick.

application of lip balm

What type of lip balm should you use to prep your lips for lipstick?

There are several types of lip balm on the market different formats. The most common are the stick, which you can store in your bag and apply whenever you need it, or in small jars.

The choice must fall also taking into account the type of skin. For example, if you often suffer from herpes, you must opt ​​for a lip balm that prevents this discomfort, which is much more frequent in summer with the onset of the most intense sun.

Soften your lips with a scrub

Sensitive lips, especially in summer, are often chapped, dry and split. This happens mainly due to temperature changes, or excessive exposure to the sun. For this, you must take care of your mouth with extreme attention during the summer.

Do it scrub it is certainly one of the most important habits to avoid cuts and cuticles that can also affect the beauty and duration of the lipstick.

lip scrub

Exfoliating them helps you remove dead skin cells and keep your lips soft, plump and plump. If you don’t want to buy a ready-made product, but want to try a homemade method, you can mix them together olive oil is sugar until the mixture is thick and creamy. Gently rub it on your lips and discover the silky effect that comes with it!

The lip pencil is your main ally

There lip pencil it is not only a product of great help to draw the outline, but it can be used to color them and create a base for before applying the lipstick.

You can choose whether to apply it in the same color as your mouth, or in a neutral shade, or even darker than your natural tone if you want to get a volumizing effect.

application of the pencil on the lips

Use a lipstick application brush

The lipstick brush, thanks to its very thin shape, it allows to obtain an extremely stretch accurate. For this reason, it is especially recommended for those who do not have particular manual skills in applying the lipstick and risk smudging it.

applying the lipstick with the brush

How to apply the lipstick with the brush

Putting on the lipstick with the special brush is very simple: you just need it pick up some color and roll it out in homogeneous way all over the lips. To make them more voluminous, you can apply a lighter color in the center (a couple of tones less, do not overdo it because otherwise you will get an excessively artificial effect!). This will make your mouth look bigger and fuller. Once this is done, you can complete the make-up using a concealer. Apply it all over the lip contour, in order to correct any smudges that have formed.

girl with lipstick and sunglasses

Discover the method of fixing with powder

We all know the fixing power of the powder, which applied over the foundation allows a longer duration of the make-up and reduces the risk of shine on the T-zone, feared especially by those with mixed or oily skin. The same goes for lipstick, which can be made more lasting with this powder.
The important thing is to be very precise and fill every space, otherwise the risk is to get more or less intense color spots.

powder to fix the lipstick

Another clarification to make is that the powder tends to slightly dry the surface on which it is applied. For this reason, make sure before using it that you have done a good scrub and that you have adequately softened your lips.

How to fix lipstick with powder

The powder should always be applied on top of the lipstick, absolutely not before. After applying the lipstick, therefore, take a tissue and, while holding it still with one hand, pass over the brush with the powder with the other.

At the end of this operation, you will immediately see that the absorbing power of the powder will make the product for the lips much more opaque and lasting.

focus on lips with lipstick

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