Makeup that does not last in summer: how not to make eyeliner and kaja smudge


During the summer, the high temperatures make the makeup routine more complicated. Often eyeliner and kajal, due to the heat, melt easily, creating a very unattractive panda effect. Find out what tricks can help you make these products last longer and make them last longer!

With the summer season putting on makeup becomes more complicated: heat, sweat and humidity do not benefit either the application or the duration of make-up, especially kajal and eyeliner. After a few minutes we can find ourselves as gods Panda with the color loose and smudged under the eyes and on the eyelids. Although these animals are very sweet and tender, it is certainly not the effect we want to obtain from cosmetics. But the secret is often one: it is not the fault of the products, but of how we apply them. Discover our tips to make your makeup long-lasting and effective even on the hottest days!

eyes with kajal and eyeliner

Choose only waterproof products

Ok, this advice will seem very trivial, but it is there base of an eye make-up able to withstand the summer heat. On the market there are really many more or less economical versions of make-up products that can last for whole days and immersions in water. Waterproof make-up is really an excellent ally during the hot season and helps to avoid horrible smudges. If you want to take a refreshing dip, this solution will allow you to take as many baths as you want without the fear of finding unwanted traces of makeup on your face.

waterproof pencil application

However, remember that long-lasting eyeliner and kajal require specific makeup removers to be removed. So remember to buy the latter so as not to struggle in the evening when you have to clean your face!

Fix eyeliner and kajal with a powder product

Eyeliner and kajal, which returns to be the protagonist of the make-up of 2021, are creamy products which, as a foundation and concealer to be fixed with a powder, can be made lasting with a powder eyeshadow.

fixing eyeliner and kajal with eyeshadow

In particular, if you want to use the pencil on the ciliary edge, you can follow these steps:

  • choose a harder or softer product depending on the effect you want to achieve. For a very precise effect choose the first, if you want to create shades opt for the second.
  • Try to stay the longer as close to the lashes as possible while applying the product, trying not to leave unsightly holes. Draw the line of the thickness you prefer, but as precisely as possible.
  • Apply a some eyeshadow of the same color as the pencil exactly where you drew the stroke. Follow this step both on the eyelid and in the inner rim of the eye. Try to use a small brush to avoid unwanted smudges or excess product.

Then remember not to overdo the kajal. The final part of the eye near the temple is usually the area most at risk, also because an optical effect is created that makes the gaze much lower. In this case, less is more!

eyeliner line

Pay attention to how much primer you apply

The primer it is truly prodigious for the duration of make-up products for the face, eyes and lips. However, as in all things, you need the right measure. Applying too much of it can cause exactly the opposite effect. Could not drying properly and slide eyeliner and kajal, in the case of a makeup focused on the eyes, making the eyelid particularly greasy. Even if you want to apply neutral eyeshadow first, for example, you might risk making a mess, so beware!

eyeliner application

Mon amour concealer

As anticipated, the corrector it should always be fixed with a good powder, possibly transparent, to ensure a longer life. This product can also be used in conjunction with an eye product. You can create a kind of barrier which, thanks to the application of a little powder, fixes kajal and eyeliner. If the latter two were to drool, they will still be stopped by the corrector!


Discover the sandbagging technique to fix kajal and eyeliner

Sandbaggingliterally means “using sandbags to stem the water”. In other words, just as when there is a flood of a river, we try to make sure that the water does not overflow, with the kajal and the eyeliner we try to contain smudges as much as possible.

This technique, translated through the language of make-up, consists in using, to fix the products for the eyes, a translucent and white powder. The latter should be applied abundantly, but immediately fixed and dabbed with a sponge. In this way, the possible damages related to the dissolution of the makeup are contained, which is locked in its place.

face powder

What if you have a dark complexion or a tanned face? Opt for a slightly tinted powder or a bronzer, in this way you will avoid lightening and drying out the eye contour too much!

Keep the kajal cool

Cosmetics should always be stored in dry places and away from heat, but some should possibly be also stored in the refrigerator. The colder temperatures, in fact, keep the products longer and preserve their effectiveness even when it is very hot.

This not only applies to serums, eye creams and jade rollers, but also to kajal. Especially when it is soft, this is likely to melt very easily during the summer, performing less well.

If you have the possibility, therefore, create a small space in the fridge where you can place the most delicate tricks that need a cool place so as not to be ruined.

Alternatively, you can get yourself a little make-up cooler, which is all the rage these days, and you can get it online. It will be a real cool casket in which to contain your wonders!

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