Makeup that does not last in summer and drool: 5 simple remedies


Summer has finally arrived, bringing with it the high temperatures that some of us were looking forward to. The heat, however, does not get along with make up, because it causes smudges and greatly reduces the duration of the makeup. Any product, in fact, risks melting in a few minutes due to sweat and humidity.

And if on the one hand the summer brings with it the advantage of tanning which often allows the skin not to have to cover itself with excessive layers of foundation, on the other hand it makes the rendering of mascara, pencils and eyeliner very difficult. In fact, eye products are those that most need a waterproof and long lasting formulation. And this regardless of whether you go to the sea or the pool or not.

perfect summer make-up

If you want to avoid the much feared panda effect, discover the five most effective remedies to prevent your make-up from smudging after a few minutes!

The waterproof formulation is the basis of a make-up that does not smudge

At the base of a long lasting make-up there can only be the choice of products with formulations specially developed to last over time and resist water and humidity. The choice of pencils and eyeliner waterproof gives you the security of being able to put on your make-up without being afraid of taking a sudden swim in the pool or finding your pencil melted up to your cheeks on a particularly hot day.

waterproof mascara

Use the eye primer before moving on to pencil or eyeshadow

Eye make-up is one of the favorite operations for those who love make-up, however you shouldn’t be in too much of a hurry to pick up pencils and brushes. Before moving on to applying the kajal, eyeliner or your favorite eyeshadow, remember to apply a eye primer.

This product, generally in a creamy format, should be spread on the eyelid to fix and make lasting the product you will use immediately after. In addition, it helps to prevent the creation of small folds in which the eyeshadow often creeps in, creating an absolutely unwanted streaked effect. After using it, wait a few seconds for it to dry and be absorbed.

applying eyeshadow

Take advantage of the fixing power of eye makeup powder

We have already talked about the fixing power of the powder, not limited only to the sphere of foundation and make-up for the face. In addition to being an excellent ally for increasing the duration of the lipstick, this powder is also perfect for preparing the eye for make-up.

A light stroke with the brush ensures a neutralized, uniform eyelid ready to accommodate the makeup of your choice without risking that they slip or end up in the folds. In this way, moreover, you should avoid the formation of the much feared dark halos that can ruin even the most precise and breathtaking make-up.

face powder

Choose a light powder: only in this way you will not create annoying layers of products that can weigh down the eye, feeling the full freedom to go into it with mascara, eyeliner and amazing eye palettes.

Use eyeshadow to make the pencil last longer

If you want to use a black pencil is make it last at most you can combine it with an eyeshadow, which being more dusty contains in itself a greater fixing power. Apply the pencil to the inside of the eye and then pass a very light veil of black eyeshadow over it. Use a thin and very delicate brush, but at the same time that ensures precision. The risk is to obtain the opposite effect of the desired one. That is, the formation of black spots under the eye due to the excess of eyeshadow dropped from the brush.

black pencil with eyeshadow for non-smudging makeup

If you follow it correctly, this tip is very useful (and often underestimated) because it helps the pencil to last longer without dripping. You can try this operation too with other colors of eyeshadows paired with pencils, especially in dark shades such as midnight blue or brown, but also for super colored eye make-up!

eye-catching eyeshadow

However, keep in mind that if you have sore eyes this practice should be avoided. The same value if you wear contact lenses, be very careful to simply stay on the inner rim of the eye.

Pay attention to the eye cream you use before make-up

You may never have thought about it, but also there eye contour cream that you use before you put on make-up can affect the good duration of your eye make-up. Indeed, applying an unsuitable product, perhaps excessively nourishing and greasy, risks melting the mascara. This can only encourage the creation of lumps that remain in the lower part of the eye. That doesn’t mean you don’t have to moisturize the area with a good cream. In fact, you just have to be able to choose the one that’s right for you.

If you have mixed or oily skin, a too rich one risks making the area under the eye even more slippery. On the contrary, you must carefully nourish a too dry contour if you want to avoid the concealer ending up in the creases.

eye cream on young girl

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