Makeup that does not last in summer: all the secrets to fix it


Keeping your makeup flawless and lasting in the summer seems like a utopia. Actually by using the right products you can counteract the effect of heat and sweat. Discover the tips for a beautiful summer make-up that lasts over time!

There are those who in the summer prefer to opt for a very light make-up consisting of very few products, and those who do not want to abandon their passions for eye shadows, brushes and lipsticks, despite the high temperatures.

The hot andhumidity, however, they are bitter enemies of make-up and often affect the duration of the look, causing the products to run or creating annoying stains.

But don’t worry: if you can’t see yourself looking like soap and water, don’t give up on makeup: the important thing is to follow the correct steps and select the right products, which are not always the same ones you use during the other months of the year.

girl kissed by the rays of the sun

Tips to make summer makeup last longer

Start with a good makeup base

For any self-respecting makeup, regardless of the season, it is essential to start with one good base, in order to prepare the skin.

In summer, choosing the right products helps to counteract heat and humidity and create the perfect place to welcome your favorite make-up.

First of all you have to choose a cream suitable for your skin type: if for example it is very dry, use a nourishing cream to remove signs of dehydration. These, in fact, could make the adherence of the makeup even more difficult. If you have the oily skin, opt for oil free creams. This will prevent the foundation from sliding off after a while.

make-up base

Also once / twice a week pamper your face with one mask. If you have dry skin, choose a moisturizer, otherwise if you have oily skin, choose a purifying one. Again, if you have combination skin, you will need to mix the two functions: use a purifying product for the T-zone and a nourishing product for the rest of the face.

girl with face mask

Discover the benefits of the primer

The primer is often considered a rather heavy product for the face, especially since in the past it was mainly composed of silicones, which tended to clog the pores and not let the skin breathe. Nowadays the formulations have changed and ensure greater lightness and fluidity. The primer, applied before foundation, creates the situation to let it adhere more easily and make it last over the hours.

face primer before makeup

You can also choose one for the eyes: it will have the power to keep the eyeshadow bright and vivid even several hours after application.

summer eyeshadow

Waterproof products, the salvation of summer makeup

It may seem obvious, but it is a golden rule. To ensure that the make-up resists flawlessly, without smudging, at high summer temperatures, it is certainly recommended to use waterproof products. The make-up composed of these elements lasts quietly all day in spite of sweat, heat and humidity, always remaining perfect. Indeed, to remove make-up, special detergents are needed precisely because, especially mascaras, they do not come off as easily as the non-water-resistant make-up.

waterproof makeup

If you fear that high persistence translates into heavy textures, which do not let the skin breathe, calm down. These are extremely light formulations, designed instead to promote the right hydration and well-being of the dermis.

Choose a long-lasting foundation

When the face gets tanned, the advice is generally not to cover it too much, but to intervene if necessary on the discoloration and imperfections with a concealer.

However, if you can’t give up on the foundation not even in summer, you can choose a version long lasting. There are many versions on the market, both compact and liquid. However, one element that cannot be missing is the SPF. By now this product has more or less high protection factors inside it precisely to be used even when exposed to the sun, without the risk of getting stained skin.

girl applies foundation

Lip pencil for a heat-proof lipstick

To make the lipstick last longer, we recommend that you draw the lip contour with a pencil. It can be tone-on-tone, transparent, or slightly darker if you prefer a volumizing effect.

Then apply the lipstick of the amount you prefer depending on the fuller or more delicate effect you want to achieve. The final touch to make it last longer? After applying it, cover your lips with a tissue and apply a veil of powder over them. In this way the product will fix more easily and will stay still longer.

summer make up lipstick

Spray to fix your makeup, but also to refresh your face

The fixing spray represents another must have to make summer make-up more lasting. Spray it all over your face from about 30 cm away: the result will be a practically invisible film that will make your makeup flawless and leave it intact for hours, giving it an irresistible glowy effect.

face spray

On the market you will find different versions of this product, also containing different substances and different fragrances according to tastes and needs. The one ataloe vera, for example, it immediately restores a feeling of relief and freshness.

Alternatively, you can orient yourself on athermal water: it does not contain alcohol and therefore can also be used more frequently.

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