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Makeup styles you should try this season

Winter is getting closer and with this we have more opportunities to use that makeup of dark tones that we like so much, in autumn – winter we can use a more loaded makeup and we will not continue seeing beautiful, earth colors, copper are used a lot and dark, the stars of the season are the color wine, the dark coffee among others, but this year the mate is the sensation.

Ombre Lips Makeup Trend

Today I gave myself the task of looking for some proposals for complete make-up of eyes, lips and cheeks that we can use for this season since there are many parties, such as inns, birthdays, Christmas dinners and New Year's dinner, so you look amazing with whatever.

Do not leave out the illuminators will give an incredible effect to your evening makeup, in the gallery below you can see what combinations you can make in terms of eye and lip makeup, I hope you like all the ideas we find, no Feel free to put them into practice and remember to share these ideas with family and friends who you think may be interested in the topic.

Makeup for round face girls

Bridal Makeup

Makeup for blondes

Makeup options for every occasion

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