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Know the best proposals I found to share makeup ideas for your day to day, wearing radiant and very natural skin, nobody will notice that you spent a good time putting on makeup, the point is to achieve a “natural” effect remember that less is more .

Surely you have heard or it happened to you that they tell you that whenever you put on makeup you look the same, whether to go to work, to party or to go to the cinema or do nothing, If something happens to you you are doing wrong, and we must mark much the difference of a common and current makeup or for the daily one more elaborate and party, so today I gave myself the task of looking for some makeup ideas for day to day, and do not overdo it with Things you should use

The basics is a concealer so that your skin looks healthier without dark circles or spots that you can have on the face, do not use a makeup base for the newspaper, with the right and good compact powder enough, because it will only protect us from the sun and make that our skin looks matte and without glare, do not apply much shade with light colors enough or without shadows would be much better. Comb and define your eyebrows well if it is one of the most important things for makeup to succeed, use light and natural tones for your lips and finally cella with a good blush also very natural and you will be ready, look at the other ideas that I leave you Here in the gallery below I hope you like the proposals very much.

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