Makeup fixer: what it is for and the 5 best

Fissante trucco: make-up impeccabile e senza ritocchini durante il giorno

It may be that the beauty bloggers use it continuously, it may be that all the cosmetic companies have recently placed one on the market, the fact is the makeup fixer it has become something of an obsession. And not only for the professionals who use it at events and for red carpets, but also for the simple enthusiasts, who however love to stay up to date and who cannot resist the temptation to buy the new must have of the moment.

The focus on this product is also due to the focus that facial products have at the moment. On the web and on social media there is a riot of tutorials entirely dedicated to the make-up base, therefore to the application of concealer, powder, primer, foundation, blush. In particular, they all want to imitate the beauty gurus in making the contouring, true fashion of the moment, to sculpt the face and enhance its shape.

But how does the fixative make-up fit into this picture and why did it catalyze all this attention on itself?

Makeup fixer: what is it?

The makeup fixer it is used to complete the makeup and avoid having to resort to retouching during the day. The products on the face, in fact, are fixed in such a way as to avoid what happens especially in summer or in any case in the heat, when the foundation begins to melt, to run, to slip into the folds of the face. And things do not go better in winter, when low temperatures undermine the skin’s hydration which can therefore dry out, dull, have difficulty appearing smooth and smooth.

All this is unsightly and to remedy it here is that the fixative make-up comes to our rescue. Alcohol-based formulations keep eye and face makeup for hours. But there are also lighter water-based formulations, which give a refreshing effect, excellent to use especially in summer.

The forms of the makeup fixer

The product is commercially available in a very practical spray formula of different sizes, depending on the cosmetic house that produces it. Once sprayed on the face, once the make-up is complete, it perfectly fixes all the make-up for hours, because it creates a thin film on the skin.

How to use makeup fixer

The make-up fixer is applied once all make-up is finished e the bottle should always be shaken well before use. Nebulization should be done at a distance of about 20 cm from the face and with closed eyes. This foresight is important, because the product contains alcohol, to which the eyes are particularly sensitive. But alcohol can also react on the skin, causing excessive dryness. Therefore it should be used sparingly and only in case of real need, for example for a ceremony, an occasion or a very long event.

An alternative application is that with brush. You can spray the product to wet it, before taking any baked eyeshadow, to be able to use it as an eye-liner or for a wet effect, which enhances the pigments and makes them even more intense and brilliant on the eyelid.

Do-it-yourself makeup fixer

The product has a liquid consistency and, in addition to alcohol, contains minerals and vitamins. It can also be enriched with soothing, moisturizing and refreshing ingredients, to make it more comfortable and to avoid the “tightening skin” effect. With a little patience and some forethought you can easily make it at home, instead of buying it. All you need is:

  • a plastic vial with a spray nozzle;
  • ¾ of distilled water (perhaps rose water or another aroma to taste);
  • ¼ of aloe vera gel (or half aloe vera and half vegetable glycerin).

We proceed as follows:

  1. pour the aloe vera gel into the bottle;
  2. fill the rest of the bottle with distilled water;
  3. close with the dispenser cap and shake vigorously to mix the ingredients.

Once prepared it can be safely stored in the refrigerator.

The 5 best makeup fixers to buy online

From MAC, the first to propose it, up to Urban Decay, passing through Maybelline, NYX and the economic Essence: by now there are make-up fixers of every brand. Everyone has introduced at least one into their lines. Some can be conveniently purchased online, so here are some tips on where to make your choice.

1. IMAGIC Mist & Fix

makeup fixer

It sets and enhances the make-up, protects the skin from external agents, moisturizes the skin. The product is gentle and non-irritating, free from parabens, petrochemicals or artificial fragrances. No animal testing. Ideal for special occasions, ceremonies, so as to minimize touch-ups during the day.
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2. Makeup Revolution Pro Fix

makeup fixer

Makeup fixing spray enriched with light-reflecting particles for natural radiance. All in one product: in addition to keeping make-up perfect during the day, it moisturizes the skin and makes it radiant, regardless of weather conditions.
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3. Face Complex Fix Snail Slime Makeup

makeup fixer

Formula with instant evaporation, it allows an extreme fixation of the make-up without altering it. Imperceptible and non-sticky, it delicately fixes makeup on the face, leaving the skin smooth and hydrated, thanks to the special innovative formula with snail slime. Suitable for all skin types, even sensitive ones and paraben-free; 100% Italian product.
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4. Lunar Moisture Setting Spray

makeup fixer

Moisturizes the skin while setting makeup, giving the face a radiant look. Contains natural extracts and sweet almond oil. The product (in spray packaging) is not tested on animals, it does not contain parabens, mineral oils, perfumes and alcohol.
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5. MAKE UP FOR EVER Mist et Fix spray

makeup fixer

Sets your makeup and cares for your skin, thanks to a new non-alcoholic formula that provides hydration while improving makeup hold. Fixed foundation, blush, glitter, whose effect is amplified and maintained over time for longer. Result: deeper colors and brighter skin. The formula is made up of 90% water, alcohol-free and dermatologically tested.
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