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On this occasion I want to share one of my favorite topics that is the makeup and show you some alternatives that this gives us to enhance some features of our face and hide others that we do not like so much, it is one of the best options to better define our face and make the most of it for any occasion. I hope you like the tips and ideas we found to share you.

Makeup with the eyeliner as the protagonist

There are two famous alternatives that surely you have already applied or have tried to implement in your makeup but if you have not obtained the desired results, something may be wrong, so I want to share some small tips that will help you to correctly apply the contour and the lighting on your face depending on what type of face you have. The light tones will give volume and the dark tones give depth, take out volume and define the face if you have an oval face is the most symmetrical, so it does not present difficulties and is considered the one that almost does not need corrections.

If you have a round face you can darken cheekbones, from the base of the ear and down to the corner of the mouth. Although, the cheekbones can be highlighted subtly, but the feeling that they are smaller is sought. You can also darken the edge of the face to fine tune it. Avoid creating rounded eyeshadow, always try to lengthen.

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