Make up on vacation: the right one for day and night


Here we are, the long-dreamed holidays have finally arrived! There are those who take advantage of this period to temporarily say “hello” to make-up and those who cannot do without it. If you are part of the second faction, find out how to apply makeup according to your goal!

For many there is still the idea that on vacation, especially at the beach, it is better to give up make-up and adopt a soap and water look. In reality, using the right products correctly is enough to protect the skin and feel comfortable. There are now many cosmetics on the market that contain SPF and are waterproof, so they also last all day despite water, sweat and wind.

girls in the mountains

Natural make up for the beach and the lake

Stop the false myth that you can’t go to the sea with makeup! There are tons of products that allow you to get one skin protected from the sun And hydrated, without giving up a well-groomed, uniform and fresh look.

Certainly in the first place can not miss one protection 50 against UVB and UVA rays. Being in the sun without applying anything is very risky for our skin because it could cause burns, rashes, as well as, in the most serious cases, epidermal diseases. Don’t forget that skin ages much more easily if you don’t use any product.

Go ahead, then, at BB and CC cream with High SPF: in this way you will protect your face, while still giving it brightness and homogeneity. Choose the product based on the characteristics of your complexion. The right color is the one that comes closest to that of your shoulders or décolleté. During the summer, in fact, the neck is always a little lighter than the rest of the body, since it is more easily in the shade.

girl at the beach

How to best make a make-up for the sea and the lake

To create a simple but effective make-up for the sea or the lake, just follow a few and very easy steps.

  • Apply a good moisturizing make-up base on your face before proceeding with the actual make-up. Possibly, already containing SPF protection.
  • Take a dab of BB or CC cream with protection and apply it before going out. Put the tube in your bag and take it with you for a touch up.
  • If you bathe for a long enough time, apply a little more.

girl at the lake

Glamorous look for the boat

If you want to spend a holiday letting yourself be lulled by the waves of the sea on a boat (in this period trips of this type are increasingly in vogue, both in the name of relaxation and adventure), opt for a super natural make-up, but with a sparkling touch!

Choose an extremely light foundation or tinted cream that contains SPF. Although the boat is very breezy, that doesn’t mean you won’t get burned! Before making up, apply a good sunscreen and put it in your bag to always have it with you.
In any case, the best thing is to wear a hat, perhaps with a visor, to protect the face from UV rays.

If you want to focus everything on the look, apply a good one waterproof mascara and possibly a long-lasting kajal to highlight the eyes.

Finally, to shine if you are going to be in the shade and even wearing a hat, don’t forget to apply a illuminating! Put it on the cheekbones, center of the forehead, cupid’s bow and bridge of the nose.
In the summer, opt for a cream product, perfect for being modulated and applied on the BB cream.

make up on the boat

Make-up to be flawless even in the mountains

In high altitude temperatures are lower and the presence of wind often suggests that the sun beats much less than the sea or the city. In reality, the sun’s rays in the mountains are strong and direct.

For this, in the mountains you have to create a make-up that performs the function of a real one protective shield.

girl in the mountains

Also in this case, before putting on make-up, pass a good moisturizing and protective cream, and then apply the foundation or the BB / CC cream. In addition to giving you an even complexion and covering any defects, it will allow you to create a thin film that keeps UV rays away.
The real trick, in this case, is to apply a very thin layer of powder to prevent the face from getting shiny, especially in the t-zone.

For the eyes, choose a good waterproof mascara and pencils containing jojoba oil, vitamin E or beeswax, ingredients that keep your eyes healthy. The risk, in fact, is that with the wind they tend to get irritated more easily.

Fundamental for a mountain holiday is the lip stick: it must contain a high protection from UV rays and be very moisturizing. In fact, at high altitudes, the risk is precisely that of finding oneself very dry skin.

And for the evening? A special trick for special evenings!

It is well known that summer evenings in the moonlight offer magical and unforgettable emotions. And to experience them to the fullest, you need a make-up at the height.

girls in the evening

This summer make-up is extremely versatile, in the name of freedom, creativity and self-expression. Green light for experimentation: colored lips, bold eyeshadows, XXL lashes. However, if you want to shine in the evening with a simple but decisive look, opt for a nice gloss, perhaps plumping, and for a highly pigmented highlighter.

girl make up with gloss

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