Make up on vacation: the mistakes you need to avoid


Give up on summer make-up? It is not absolutely necessary, indeed! Green light in bright colors and experiments. The important thing is to pay attention to the colors and products used, because our skin is different this season and requires a different make-up than the one we make during the colder months. Discover the mistakes not to make with summer make-up!

Some people, during the summer, prefer to put aside eyeshadow and brushes, feeling free to show off a natural look. Others, however, do not give up on make-up even during the holidays. There are those who prefer nude colors and sparkling glosses and those who prefer bright and crazy colors, a bit like this season. Whatever the choice, however, you must never underestimate the most common mistakes made with make-up in this period, because the skin has different characteristics compared to other times of the year.

Find out what they are and be careful not to commit them!

Do not use make-up products containing SPF

Don’t compromise with the sun! A very common mistake in summer, especially when the days are particularly cloudy, is that of to neglect the appearance of the UV protection. Regardless of direct exposure, in fact, the skin risks getting burned or suffering from melanomas and other diseases.

Choose make-up products containing SPF broad spectrum and anti-aging, it allows you to correct imperfections at the same time defend the epidermis from damage. Do not forget, then, the importance of hydration, even in areas such as the lips, which burn much more easily than you might think.

In any case, the best thing, especially if you will spend many hours in the sun, is to apply sunscreen anyway before proceeding with the make-up, even as a base. Safety with UV rays is never too much!

Do not apply waterproof cosmetics

The panda effect is everyone’s nightmare, especially in hot temperatures, but not only. Even lipsticks and make-up products for the face can melt and create spots and drips that are really unpleasant to see. THE wateproof cosmeticsFortunately, they are now everywhere and include a huge range of makeups, from foundation to lip tints, which do not differ much from the other versions.

Unless you suffer from sweating, these are really long lasting and remain as thin as a second skin for many hours by resisting water, wind, sweat, steam and humidity. Plus, they contain sunscreens so you can wear them wherever you go, even on the beach!

waterproof make up

Proceed with make-up without first moisturizing your face

There skincare should not be overlooked not even in summer! Indeed, in this period the skin is subjected to conspicuous stress caused by various atmospheric agents and temperature changes, as well as by the change of routine. For this, redness and dryness are just around the corner.

Green light therefore to cleansers and creams with impalpable and light textures, very nourishing and moisturizing, as well as, of course, containing SPF. Do not miss the benefit of face spray waters, to be sprayed whenever you feel the need for freshness.

Go overboard with the powder to get rid of shiny areas on the face

Especially if your skin is combination or oily, the face powder is crucial for opacify the T zone which tends to shine with sweat and heat. The mistake that is often made, however, is to exaggerate with the amount of product, making the complexion dark and dull. So be careful to dust a really light dose only in the areas that need it.

face powder

Choose too dark eyeshadows and eye pencils

Smokey eyes in the summer? Yes, but with some variations on the theme so as not to darken your complexion! The 2021 make-up trends have shown us that this type of make-up should not be abolished, but simply made with colors different from the classic black and gray. In fact, you can opt for orange or pink shades, which illuminate the face giving it a touch of joy and sensuality at the same time.

Use incorrect eyebrow pencils

In the summer it is very easy to mistake the color of the eyebrow pencil. The hair tends to lighten and take on warmer shades, consequently the products we use all year round risk being too dark and cold. There are different eyebrow palettes, even inexpensive ones, which allow you to mix the different shades of brown with each other, obtaining the perfect shade.

Apply foundation that is too opaque

Mask on the face? No thanks! In summer, the face needs lightness, also because you have to protect the pores by preventing them from becoming clogged, therefore the make-up must be very natural and imperceptible. So opt for foundation And BB or CC cream second skin effect that help minimize discoloration and imperfection without appearing heavy.

Making the mistake of coloring concealers and foundations for the make-up base

It seems trivial, but often the summer make-up is not very aesthetic due to the application of too light foundation and concealers for tanned skin, because they are the ones used during the rest of the year. You must take into account that in this season the golden color also requires suitable products, especially for the eye area. To make sure you cover the eye area with the right shades, try mixing the concealer you usually use with one that is a couple of shades darker.

Make a lip make-up using nude lipsticks that are too light

Certain lipsticks that we also love to apply on a daily basis, especially those nude And delicate, they may look great in the winter but really appear too clear with tanned skin. The risk of giving the idea of ​​having gray and purple lips is high: therefore opt for warmer colors than usual, even if you are wearing a mask!

summer lip make-up

Abundant with bronzing powder

Okay give yourself a touch of additional color in the summer, perhaps evening out the complexion and covering any non-tanned areas, but don’t get carried away during the use of the bronzer! From a beautiful, very natural gold, to an orange Umpa Lumpa style the step is really short, so remember to do your makeup in moderation.


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