Make up on vacation: ideas for true travel addicts


How to reconcile the passion for travel and that for make-up, always carrying the essential products with you to obtain an impeccable look, perfect for challenging any condition and experiencing any kind of adventure!

Travel often it means discovering incredible places, learning about different cultures, foods and traditions and experiencing indescribable emotions. Often this activity also requires one remarkable ability to adapt, in such a way as to move without too many hassles and with practicality.

There are those who, going on an adventure, prefer a look as much soap and water as possible, and those who do not give up make-up and skincare even when they spend many days away from home.

travel makeup bag

The space in the suitcase is always very precious and must be managed carefully. Therefore also the beauty case must be filled with the right products that will actually be used. In this way, you will be able to create flawless makeup even using a few cosmetics without weighing your luggage too much.

Let’s see what are the 5 essential products to create a simple, but effective make-up, to accompany your days on vacation.

Always choose make-up products containing sunscreen

At the base of a good summer make-up (but not only), whatever it is, there is always the correct one protection of the skin from the sun’s rays. Using foundation and other products that also have a protection factor, guarantees you a repaired, healthy and young skin. In addition, it prevents melanomas and other diseases.

Remember, therefore, that when you buy BB and CC creams they must contain a high amount of SPF (50 is ideal). To select the most suitable product according to the characteristics of your complexion, keep in mind that the color must be close to that of your shoulders or décolleté.

tanned girl

Don’t underestimate the importance of repeating the application after diving into the water!

The best way to touch up the make-up and then reapply the sunscreen is to mix, on the back of the hand, a powder foundation and the ointment, and then apply the mixture on the face with a brush.

Say hello to the panda effect with waterproof mascara

To open and intensify your gaze you can only apply one generous amount of mascara. So that last over time, resisting sweat, temperature changes and wind, choose the version waterproof. This type resists any type of holiday, from sports to more relaxing ones!

waterproof mascara

In addition, there are many varieties of this product on the market that have lengthening, curving and volumizing properties. The price range is also very wide. You will surely find the one that best suits your needs that will help you have a make-up with bewitching eyes avoiding the dreaded panda effect with black dark circles!

Always carry the lip balm for hydrated and shiny lips with you

Whatever destination you choose, never forget to include a good lip balm. This way you can always have hydrated, soft and shiny lips! As we have already said, even this part of the face, being very delicate, requires special attention to avoid burns and discomfort such as herpes and irritation. It is important that these products contain SPF 30 or better 50 and that they are applied even on cloudy days, because the sun’s rays also pass through the clouds without us noticing.

lip stick

Two-in-one blush and bronzer to brighten and warm the complexion

The best choice to make the complexion always bright, warm and intense is represented by a two-in-one product that combines the blush and the bronzer. The first has the function of coloring the cheeks making them colorful and healthy, while the second sculpts the face creating beautiful plays of shadows and lights for a sun-kissed effect. This way, you won’t have any problems with your undertone when your skin starts to turn golden with the first sun exposure.


The cream version is the best choice for the summer period, as it is lighter, buildable and easier to apply directly with the fingers, without the brush … But it is no less pigmented for this! However, the drafting must take place in a fluid way, tapping in the points that you want to highlight. If you don’t blend carefully, you risk creating absolutely unsightly stains.

Eyebrow fixing products? The turning point for your make up!

The 2021 trend regarding eyebrows consists in having them upturned and bushy. By doing so, the look is framed and made bolder and more intense, highlighting the eyes, their shape and their color. Nowadays there are many products to obtain a wow effect in a very simple way, filling the holes that unfortunately form when the tweezers are not used correctly, as well as giving a defined shape to the eyebrows. There are so many textures and formulations available, but the real gem is the fixing power that allows you to keep them firm and flawless for hours, making them travel-proof!

This can be a gel to be applied by brushing the hair and giving them the look you prefer, or by pencils or ointments to draw the shape and add color. Please note, however, that you must never choose a shade that is too dark (absolutely banned black!), Otherwise you risk weighing down your eyes and darkening yourself.


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