Make up on vacation: how to wear make-up during a sports trip


If your vacation is all about fitness, choosing the right makeup is not easy. So here are some tips to turn yourself into a crazy sporty girl.

You are a super sporty girl and also the holiday for you is synonymous with fitness and movement? Great, if you’ve already booked a stay in one mountain or seaside destination that provides several options for not lazing around, your suitcase will be full of practical and non-hanging items. As often happens, the big dilemma in these cases is what to bring in the beauty bag and how to wear makeup to be pretty without commitment and, above all, avoid making your makeup runny or annoying in view of the activity you are about to do.

Many brands now have lines specially designed to be used while doing sports but if you already have a myriad of tricks and you want to find the must-haves for a sports holiday in what you already have, here are some tips.


Create a breathable base

When you play sports, you sweat, so the first aspect to consider if you decide to wear makeup is that of choose non-occlusive products, which allow the skin to breathe and eliminate the toxins produced during physical exertion.

The ideal would be to abandon the idea of ​​using foundation and concealers but if you really don’t want to do without them, opt for ultra-light, silicone-free liquid formulas. No, however, to mat or compact products.

An even softer and certainly apt alternative is the BB Cream, which colors but without clogging the pores.


Beware of the sun

Whichever option you choose, make sure it has a high solar filter, since exposing yourself to the sun without protection means making your skin run more or less serious risks ranging from dermatitis, to sunburn, up to various forms of skin cancer.

This warning holds true at the sea as well as in the mountains, where even if the pleasant temperatures could deceive you, the sun’s rays are always lurking, ready to strike.

Add a touch of blush

If you are going to leave for one mountain vacation you are probably a “backpacker” girl who does not like to get lost in a thousand frills and who makes practicality her mantra. For you then, the must-have make-up product is only one: the blush. Choose it on shades of pink and blend it on the cheeks before leaving for a walk, the scepter of the new Heidi will not be taken away by anyone.


It’s all about the eyes

The physical activities that can be done on vacation are different. It goes from walks simple, al trekking or at climbing if you go to the mountains, to the race or ai watersports if instead you are leaving for the sea.

Each of these provides a great one waste of energy and a consequent profuse sweating, which also affects the eye area. So be careful to carefully choose the products for this area of ​​the face.

Check that everything is waterproof

The basic requirement is that they are all water resistant. To forget about it and to choose normal products means to meet the almost absolute certainty that sweat but also the water of the sea or of the showers on the beach after fitness session, will soon make your face look like that of Joker.
To be in order without exaggerating, and therefore to combine your sporty style with a little healthy vanity, apply a line of eyeliner to the lash line. Stay as light as possible so that it is almost imperceptible to the eye but still gives intensity to your gaze. For an even easier look choose brown instead of classic black.
Then roll out several layers of mascara waterproof, choosing it based on the type of your lashes and the result you want to achieve. In this way your look will be natural but with that extra chic touch.

Powder eyeshadows

Eye make-up for a holiday from sporty girl like you it might be limited to that but if you want to use a little bit of eyeshadow opt for neutral colors like butter, pink or champagne. Choose ultra-light powder formulas because those in cream with heat and sweat could quickly end up in the folds of the mobile eyelid.


Leave your lips natural

Make up your lips while doing sports it is not very recommended and definitely impractical. The movements foreseen in the discipline you choose could cause you to accidentally touch this part of the face, thus causing the lipstick to migrate all over the face.

Furthermore, finding the right formula is virtually impossible. Those mat with the heat dry the mucous membrane of the lips and risk causing annoying and painful cuts, while those particularly creamy and glosses attract even more the sun’s rays and exponentially expose to the resulting risks. Better therefore to avoid.

Don’t leave yours though lip naked but always protect them by passing on them a lip balm with sun protection. If you don’t want to give up a little definition, choose a slightly colored one, which emphasizes the shape of your smile without being excessive.


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