Make up on vacation: how to put on perfect make-up on the beach


Finally the long-awaited holidays have arrived, everything is ready, including your inevitable beauty case. But are you sure you really know everything to have flawless and super natural make-up even on the beach? Here are some tips that may help you. For a truly unique look that is always at the top!

Suitcase made, beauty case ready and full of all yours make up products favorites. But here just a moment before leaving for your much desired vacation a doubt assails you. How to do, once on the beach, to guarantee you a natural make-up, that it does not leak and above all that it always makes you feel at the top?

Simple, just follow a few little tip for a flawless make-up and proof of sun, sand and everything you decide to do during your wonderful days (and evenings) on the beach. Here, then, is everything you need to know to get a natural and perfect make-up wherever you are, even by the sea!

First step, create a perfect base

The first thing to do to get a natural make-up and a perfect and even complexion even on the beach is start from the basics, i.e. from the bottom. And the possibilities are really many, to be chosen according to your preferences, habits (if you really can’t change them) and needs. Which? The traditional foundation, bb cream or cc cream.

In particular, the latter two are perfect for the hot season since, in addition to having one light texture, acting without weighing down the skin, they give uniformity to the skin but without distorting its natural complexion.

If the bb cream (Beauty Blemish Balm), it does not have a high covering power but is mainly used to give brightness and homogeneity to the skin of the face, the cc cream (Color Control Cream) also performs a function anti imperfections. Covering any redness, acne or sun spots, without having to use the concealer. All in a super natural way, without weighing down the skin and giving you one feeling of lightness on the face at any time of the day.

Never without foundation

But what if you really can’t abandon the idea of ​​your beloved foundation? No fear. It can be used, obviously following a few more tricks, to guarantee and maintain a natural make-up even on the beach. For example it is important prefer light textures (a small change to your habits but certainly effective), by opting for products:

  • mat, to mattify the face and suitable for oily or combination skin;
  • oil free, indicated for oily skin;
  • to mineral base, that leave the pores free and, therefore, suitable for acne-prone skin to the formation of blackheads.

And always making sure they have a SPF protection factor adequate already incorporated (otherwise never forget to put the protection before make up).

For a natural make-up, help yourself with some makeup

It seems like a play on words but in fact it can really represent avery important beauty weapon. What are we talking about? Of those little and very secret tricks you need to keep your make-up natural and perfect for all the time you spend on the beach.

Thanks to the sun, sweat (it’s normal and inevitable), beach baths and showers, your foundation is put to the test. But not if you give them a hand. How? Always keeping gods with him super allies of beauty:

  • the absorbent tissues, to pat the skin if necessary and eliminate excess sweat from the face;
  • one refreshing spray, to lower the temperature of the skin and avoid redness and make-up runny.

Plus, before the foundation apply a primer, to keep sweating under control and to dull the skin and one fixing spray in the end, to guarantee you an always perfect beach look.

make up facial tissues

Pay attention to the color!

Regardless, then, whether you opt for one or the other product, foundation, bb or cc cream, to always show off a natural make-up and made to perfection, you cannot neglect an essential step, the evaluation of your complexion. Yes, it doesn’t matter if your skin has a certain color throughout the year. In summer, thanks to the tan (which varies according to the time you spend under the sun), the skin changes its color and for this it is essential that the products you use also adapt.

The reason? Avoid causing a chromatic gap between your face and the rest of your body, which is not very aesthetic and absolutely unnatural. So try the different products on one small portion of skin before buying them, checking their homogeneity and consistency with your complexion. Allowing you to show off a truly exceptional beach beauty look.

make up color

Natural make up? Focus on the eyes

If you are also part of the team “there is no makeup without eyeshadow”Then it is good to know which ones to choose, to get a natural and enviable make-up even on the beach. For a beauty look eyes with a guaranteed nature effect, therefore, are strong or bright colors banned, as well as the classic smokey eyes that you can show off on your summer evenings.

eye make up

The ideal is to opt for eyeshadow nude, pink or peach. To be applied lightly, without exaggerating and always only after protecting the part with a sunscreen or a specific product for the eyes with a high SPF factor. In order to protect the part even under the make-up. Alternatively, then, you can always try to change, opting only for a thread of mascara, strictly waterproof, perfect both in and out of the water, for a super natural beach look that is always on top.

Kiss-proof lips

And the lips? Obviously, they too deserve their more than fair share of attention and a natural make-up like true beach stars. As in the case of eye makeup, the mouth can also be enhanced with very few moves, just a thread of balm or cocoa butter with UV filter, to be applied several times during the day. To always keep them well hydrated and protected from sunlight. Not enough for you?

make up lip balm

Go ahead, then, also to lipsticks but always in light tones pink, peach, nude and maybe, why not, even a touch of cherry. And always without exaggerating. But not only. Did you know that you can also use blush to embellish your lips? One in cream (the same you use for the face) dabbing it with your fingertips on the lips. And maybe finishing the make up with a touch of gloss to give volume. For a truly beach make-up amazing and always natural.

make up lipsticks

What can I say, you just have to try. Using the right products (in the right way) by making a natural, bright and summer-proof make-up. Giving you a look that will be impossible not to notice but that will turn you into the real stars of the beach.

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