Make up on vacation: how to be perfect even on vacation


If you are a make-up addicted and you don’t want to give up making up even at the beach or in the pool, here are the steps to take to always be wow, even under the sun

The Excessive heat can put a strain on the hold of the makeup and the success of the different beauty looks and for this reason, many girls on holiday they choose to temporarily say goodbye to make-up, giving it up completely.

If you love soap and water looks and in the summer months you feel more at ease so you do well to carry on this choice, but if instead you would like to wear make-up but are afraid of causing some trouble, do not worry, not to ban make-up on vacation just put in place some little strategy saves life.

Choose the right products

As well as with regard to the skincare routine, which in summer is lightened and replaces rich creams with gel formulas and serums, even in make-up the first and most big mistake that can be done is to believe that what is used in the colder months, or in the mild ones, is also applicable when temperatures rise.

Unfortunately this is not the case.

Better if waterproof

On vacation given the heat, the number one tip is to head towards long-lasting and water-resistant products, the so-called waterproof.


Eyes in the foreground

This tip applies mainly to the tricks dedicated to the eyes, first of all the mascara.

Especially if you love to apply it also to the sea or in the pool, choosing one that does not have these characteristics exposes you to panda eyes risk. For the same reason, also pay attention to eyeliner and pencils, which in order to be defined as summer approved must also be super resistant.

Lips: Be careful not to dry them out too much

They also exist for the lips long lasting tints and lipsticks, but in this case it is better to use them sparingly, alternating them with colored lip balms that in addition to make up cleanse. In fact, choosing only stronge formulas could lead to the lips becoming dehydrated and too dry.


Occupy the base first

To prevent make-up from slipping away due to the heat and the sun, it is essential better prepare the skin to receive it.

First rule exfoliate

Hold the surface of the face free from dead cells and imperfections it is essential for the good result and the hold of the make-up.

So remember to do a facial scrub about once a week. There are many specific products on the market but if you prefer to opt for a totally natural option, create one DIY mask mixing honey and brown sugar.

Use the primer

Especially if you are going to make up your face with foundation luse of the primer is essential.

Even though it is very often considered a product of real cosmetics pros, this is not the case at all. IS very easy to use e its functions are many: fromeven out the complexion to allow products which are spread out later to last much longer. This last feature is indispensable in summer.


How to apply it

It takes very little for the primer to be useful. Take some a small amount and tap it all over your face, trying to distribute it as homogeneously as possible.

If the make-up you have in mind also includes the application of eye shadows, also apply it on the eyelids, to prevent pigments from getting into the folds of the skin above the eyes.

Change foundation

If you want to use foundation even in summer to make the base, be careful which one you use.

Choose a cream foundation

There typology more correct is that in cream, because it is usually lighter than compact or mineral products.

Among them, the best are water based, which having this ingredient in their formulation have an even more impalpable texture, and therefore perfect for the hottest season.


BB cream

If you want an even lighter result, rely on BB cream. You can buy it ready-made or simply make one by combining some foundation with your moisturizer.

Trust the powders

THE cream products, even if they are lighter than the others and therefore much more suitable in summer, they have the limit of melt easily. For this, after applying the foundation it can prove useful rely on powders to complete complexion makeup.

If you want to give your face the typical allure of sun-kissed skin, contour by applying bronzer, blush and highlighter in strategic points.

Also choose them for the eyes

Even if using the primer you can earn several hours of serenity, so as not to risk seeing theeyeshadow on the eyes in a short time, better to choose it in powder form, rather than liquidp or pencil form.

Fix everything

One time finished the trick, the time has come fix it.

The most immediate way is to roll out a veil of powder all over the face, that I was the pigments used previously. Avoid the compact one though and head for translucent powder, which has lighter particles that don’t weigh down your face.

If you want to be super sure everything stays where you put it, sprinkle some of it at the end fixative in spray.


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