Make up on the plane? That’s why it’s best to avoid it (skin thanks)


There are those who love to fly and those who would gladly do without taking a plane. But to go to certain places it is necessary, so better equip yourself. No, out of fear we can’t do anything. These are tips for traveling. Useful tips, however, that you should keep in mind before arriving at the airport. Think about it, for example, before choosing an outfit, especially if you have to face a long journey. Cardigans, sneakers, jeans, and a scarf are approved to prevent air conditioning and any cold just before the long-awaited holiday. Do not forget: it is also excellent as a pillow as well as to protect you from the air. Same goes for shoes: flip flops, even if you are going to a tropical island, leave them in your suitcase and opt for a closed shoe. And avoid like the plague the ‘complicated’ clothes to open and take off, perhaps in the tiny toilet of the plane. And now let’s move on to the make up chapter. (Continue after the photo)

Wearing make-up is an operation that comes spontaneously to us. We do this every morning before we leave, but it is strongly not recommended to do this before boarding a plane. Did you know? Word of experts: airplane makeup is not good for the skin. As Gioia reports, first of all the cabins normally have low levels of humidity (according to the World Health Organization the level would be less than 20% ed), which can cause not only dry skin and lips, but also difficulties for the wearer. contact lens. (Continue after the photo)

The dry environment, therefore, is already in itself a problem for the skin, so makeup would only worsen an already delicate situation. No, then, heavy foundations that do not allow the skin to breathe and creams with silicate-based ingredients, such as fillers for wrinkles, which tend to dry out. Instead, approved moisturizers, even better if with hyaluronic acid or BB creams, which can help the face maintain hydrolipidic balance. (Continue after the photo)

“It’s not just the trick that’s the problem, it’s more the combination of factors that occur when we get on a plane – says dermatologist Frances Prenna Jones at harper’s bazaar – The change in atmospheric pressure and air conditioning affect our air conditioning receptors. sebaceous glands that determine the amount of secretions we produce or do not produce. This – he continues -, in addition to makeup which often has a heavy content similar to talc, blocks our sebaceous glands, increasing the likelihood of a breakout ”.

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