Make up on holiday: how to be perfect always and in any case


When packing, the real dilemma is which tricks to bring and which to leave at home. Here are the must-have make-up for the sea and the mountain ones

One of the moments that more than others can throw in despair when you fill your suitcase ahead of your vacation departure is the preparation of the beauty bag, especially as regards the make-up sector. Each time the temptation is to take all products with you that you own, but then use a number truly reduced.

In order to avoid going crazy and loading your luggage unnecessarily and, rule number one is focus on the destination of the trip.

What is needed in the mountains, in fact, is superfluous to the sea and vice versa. Here you are how to extricate yourself in the choice and avoid carrying all the tricks you own with you.


Ideal make up for a beach holiday

If yours a half vacationer is maritime, you could almost avoid carrying your makeup, because the tan itself often acts as a natural make-up. However, if you don’t like to do without makeup, don’t do it but yeschoose the most suitable products.

What you need for the fund

For the base, you have several options. If you are tanned you can limit yourself to even out the complexion, then in the beauty bag insert only an illuminating bronzer and a large brush with soft bristles to spread it.

If you wish instead more coverage bring with you a BB Cream or foundation, as long as the latter is as light as possible and allows the skin to transpire. The most suitable formulas for summer, and therefore for high temperatures, are liquid ones, possibly water based. Instead, leave the mat formulas at home.

The essentials for the eyes

The essential to pack for the holidays is undoubtedly the mascara, which we could perhaps define the most versatile make-up product of all, since it can be used alone in case you want to postpone a curated but hyper simple image, or paired with another if you want to opt for a more sophisticated look.

Remember to choose waterproof products

As for the mascara, but also any eyeliner, always remember to take the waterproof version, especially if you intend to use it also on the beach and are planning to take a few baths.

The risk, otherwise, is to find yourself after the first dive with eyes in panda mode, definitely out.

Must have lips

If you want to wear make-up even at the seaside but the idea of ​​spending too much time on this practice horrifies you, bet everything on the lips, as it really takes a moment to give them a little color. So don’t forget to put in your beach holiday beauty bag gloss at will e colored and nourishing lip balms.


Ideal make up for mountain holidays

If you are going to leave for one holiday in the mountains the composition of yours make up kit could be simpler, given that the external agents capable of undermining the final result and duration are much lower.

However, this does not mean that you have to bring everything, also because for the long walks that await you it is not necessary to exceed. An original idea, on the other hand, is to aim for simplicity, matching your make up look to the environment that surrounds you.


First rule hydration

The climate at high altitudes is quite changeable and in the space of a day you could find yourself going through downpours, moments of extreme heat, wind and much more.

All of this stresses the skin more than necessary and for this it is necessary to protect it by spreading one good moisturizeree, if you like, a delicate foundation but at the same time acting as a barrier to the outside.

Don’t forget sunscreen

While not being by the sea might lead you to think that the dangers of the sun are light years away, that’s not the case at all. In the mountains, in fact, i skin damage due to incorrect exposure to UV rays is equal, if not greater, to those that can occur on the beach or by the pool.

One of the reasons is that the heat is almost always less intense and, combined with the fact that clothing is much more opaque, this often makes you forget the use of sunscreen. Be careful not to do it, therefore, but to always apply a high protective cream even in the mountains.

If you want to add some color and show off Heidi style cheeks don’t forget a rosy blush at home.

Forest-colored eyes

To be truly stylish in the mountains, don’t forget what you need to recreate on your orcchi a trick that remembers the colors of nature.

Go ahead, therefore, to green, hazel, brown, burgundy and gold eyeshadows, the latter to create strategic lighting points. If you want to frame the look, choose one too brown pencil, to be combined with a mascara of the same shade.


Lips protected during the day and colored in the evening

During daytime walks the key thing for your lips is to protect them, so the only thing you need to have with you is a lip balm with high sun protection. The eveningInstead, you can combine your lip makeup with that of the eyes, opting for a very sensual one burgundy lipstick.


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