Make Up Neon: the mistakes you absolutely must avoid


Bright colors and fluo effect: neon make-up is the new trend. Do you want to try to make it happen? 5 mistakes to avoid immediately!

Inspired by the legendary Eighties, the neon make up and the trend of the moment. A make-up that illuminates the eyes and lips, giving a spectacular effect. Ideal for those who want to dare, but also turn on their look. Designed for shoots and fashion shows, neon make-up has conquered Instagram. It is forbidden to think that it is not suitable for everyone, just use it in the right way and above all avoid making some very common mistakes.

What is neon make-up

Also known as fluo makeup, this particular makeup is inspired by neon lights with phosphorescent colors of the eighties. The result is a beauty look that shines thanks to the use of chiaroscuro techniques, eye shadows and lipsticks. It was to conceive this make-up Genevieve Jauquet, a famous make-up artist who decided to use gods bright colors on lips and eyes starting from a black base to reproduce the neon effect. The result was shared on Instagram and from that moment on, beauty addicts from all over the world could no longer do without the fluorescent effect.

woman with neon make up

Is neon make-up for everyone? Often scrolling through the photos on Instagram it is easy to imagine a trick like this on a photo set rather than in an evening with friends. In reality, the fluo beauty look is perfect on many different occasions and is good for everyone, you just need to know how to follow some rules to avoid making terrible mistakes. The 5 you must avoid to look perfect and shine with your neon make-up.


It seems a contradiction, given the wow effect, but with this type of makeup it is forbidden to overdo it! Neon make-up is ideal for the evening or to give an extra touch to your outfit, the important thing is to resize it. What does it mean? Focus on a single area of ​​the face to be illuminated. Choose the eyes, to be turned on with an eyeshadow or eyeliner, alternatively the lips, with hypervitamin and highly opaque tints and lipsticks. Also pay attention to your look: create it monochromatic and casual, lighting it up with fluorescent makeup, as if it were a pair of shoes or a bag.

Choosing the wrong colors

When it comes to neon make-up, the choice of colors is fundamental. If you want to focus everything on the look, choose shades like the lemon yellow, the lime green or the fluorescent pink. The important thing is to dose the colors intelligently. Are you a beginner? Then get a little familiar with this type of makeup and go step by step. You could start by giving a touch of light to your makeup thanks tocolored eyeliner. You can use it alone or add a line to the line you usually create. Alternatively, there are also many colored mascaras: from green to electric blue, to feel beautiful and original! When you are more confident you can try neon eyeshadows, using only one on the entire eyelid or mixing them.

Don’t use eyeliner

Eyeliner is a fundamental tool for making neon make-up, so not using it would be a very serious mistake. Don’t you feel safe and afraid of making a mistake? Quiet, he is alone a matter of training! If you don’t have a steady hand and don’t want to mess around, don’t draw the whole line at once, but draw little dashes over the top of the eye, starting from the inner corner. Connect the dashes carefully, leaving no gaps, and that’s it! Another useful trick is to place a piece of tape diagonally under the eye to create an upturned tail in seconds. Just draw the line keeping it close to the edge of the tape. Let it dry for a few moments, then remove it. And if you make some small mistakes or smudges don’t worry, you can always fix it with one pass of concealer stick. Follow the example of Genevieve Jauquet: with a black matte eyeshadow, color the eyelid, then pass the fluo eyeliner. Child’s play for an amazing result!

yellow eyeliner

Don’t dare with your lips

Ok, the eyes are important, but also the lips should not be left out when it comes to fluorescent make-up. Go for a bright hue, such as orange, coral red or fuchsia. If you want to experiment even more you can choose the bicolor lips, another trend of the moment. You can color the upper and lower lip with two different shades, alternatively use the same shade, but with different shades.

Neglecting the hair

It is forbidden to neglect the neon effect on the hair! In fact, this effect is also ideal for high-impact looks with more or less daring combinations. Does unicorn hair seem a little too much to you? Choose a single color to use on all lengths, alternatively try a fluo balayages. And if you are not sure that you will be able to see yourself well with the new color you can do some tests by making locks with a strong color to be left free in the lengths.

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