Make Up Neon: all about the hottest trend of the year


What is neon make-up? Here’s everything you need to know about the coolest makeup trend of the year: how, where and when to wear it.

If you too can’t help but follow the new makeup trends that each new season holds for us, then you absolutely cannot miss the opportunity to show off the one that is going crazy this summer, coloring everything and everyone with magical fluorescent shades: the neon make up.

A super original way to enhance your face (and not only) with a mix of colors and shades with a sure wow effect, impossible not to notice and not to imitate. Able to amaze anyone by giving you a touch of absolute uniqueness and brilliance, both day and night. But when is it better to show off a neon make-up look? Here are some tips to be always perfect on any occasion and to best express your colorful soul.

What is neon make-up?

First, it is good to answer a question: what is make up neon? As the term itself says, this particular type of make-up does nothing but play with the colors of the different make-up products (eyeshadows, lipsticks, etc.), to create a neon effect on the face.

A trend that arrives straight from the 80s and which was inspired by the bright and phosphorescent neon lights of those years. And that is very easy to do.

make up neon girl

How is it created?

To do this, in fact, you do not need particular colors or specially designed to stand out with the light of UV lamps. In reality, it is sufficient to wisely mix in the normal make-up products, playing and combining light and dark shades, so as to form a super effective and credible neon effect. For an impactful and fluorescent neon make-up, in a workmanlike manner.

make up neon palette

Who invented neon make-up?

A very original makeup. Created by the skilled hands and the creative flair of make up artist Genevieve Jauquet, who using hyper pigmented eyeshadows on a black base, white and blue pencils, pink lipsticks, etc., gave life to this make-up with a fluorescent and luminousor. Exactly like what you would have with neon lamps.

How to make neon make-up

Understanding what it is, a completely normal question might arise: but if the base of the neon make-up is black, does this mean that you have to cover your face in this color to be able to achieve it? Obviously yes, but only if you want to create an alternative photo book or some more particular shots to keep at home or to show to friends.

In everyday life, however, neon make-up can be easily adapted to your “more normal” needs. Like? By dedicating an area to it specific of the face to be enhanced with fluorescent colors and a luminous effect. For instance:

  • if you want to embellish your eyes, colors like the are perfect lemon yellow, lime green or fluorescent pink, to be applied with a colored eyeliner or with a double line (in addition to the traditional one of the pencil), both above and in the inner part of the eye. But also by blurring the fluorescent eyeshadows on the eyelids, mixing different nuances together;

neon eye make-up

  • if your goal, on the other hand, is to embellish the lips, you can opt for colors like fuchsia, bright red or coral, orange why not. Even yellow or green as for the eyes. Maybe opting for a double color or trying to accentuate the effect with a darker lipstick at the corners of the lips to contrast with the fluorescent one.

make up neon lips

The easy advice

To facilitate everything, then, you can also simply opt for a “shortcut” of sure effect:

  • making a very normal smokey eyes to be supplemented with a line or two of colored pencil;
  • passing one white pencil on the eye as you usually do with eyeliner and then covering it with a colored eyeshadow (using a suitable brush);
  • opting for gods hyper pigmented lipsticks and that glow in the dark (yes they exist !!!).

In short, the options are many, it is up to you to put them into practice and improve them with your creativity.

make up neon look

Beware of nails and hair!

And to give a touch of light to the rest of the body too? Well, neon make-up is not limited to the face. In fact, you can also give a touch of original brightness to your hands, for example by opting for a French neon with a thousand variations of shades and shapes.

Or by coloring a few locks of your hair (but also all for the most daring) with some neon colors of sure impact. To give movement and exclusivity to your hair. What to say? More colorful than that only the rainbow.

How and where to show off neon make-up

A very special, fun, bewitching trick that certainly does not go unnoticed. A little exaggerated perhaps? Absolutely not, especially if you know it bring on the right occasions! The neon make-up, in fact, is perfect for a night at the disco, to impress a party.

But also to embellish a deliberately basic outfit and to give an extra touch of color to your summer days and evenings.

The ideal makeup to show off whenever you want to amaze and amaze yourself. Illuminating your beauty look with unique colors and a mood that will make you shine both inside and, of course, outside.

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