Make-up and skincare refill products: your beauty becomes refillable


Rechargeable or refillable, the new trend in the world of beauty and make-up winks at sustainability and minimizing waste thanks to refillable products.

Have one beauty collection infinite is a feast for the eyes, but it should never be forgotten that most products have a packaging made of plastic and this material has a very strong impact on the environment.

But is it possible to lead a more sustainable life also in this respect? In conclusion, you can continue shopping trying to pollute less? The answer is yes and the solution lies in the refillable products, also called refills.

Eyeshadows, lipsticks, creams, shampoos and not only that: there are so many references on the market to transform your beauty shopping into a green experience that will make the world a better place in the near future. If you are curious to learn more about the subject, here you will find a selection of the best refillable products a make-up, skincare and parfume theme.

Refillable perfumes

For many i perfumes, artistic or not, they are a really nice guilty plaesure. Being able to find your own fragrance of the heart, the one that distinguishes our olfactory signature, is not easy and, more often than not, even the packaging wins us over. Although they are mainly made of glass, there are many brands that have decided to make their refillable bottles thus avoiding the waste of over 2.3 million bottles and boxes.

Mugler, Alien refill 100ml

CHANEL Coco Mademoiselle Eau de toilette twist and spray

The Labo parfum

Issey Miyake, L’Eau d’Issey

Hermès H24 Refill Eau de toilette

There is certainly one of the most virtuous examples Mugler who has created infinitely refillable jewel-bottles thanks to Mugler Fountains or refills in the practical 100ml format. Le LaboInstead, it has been offering these services for some time and just go to one of the boutiques to refill your bottle on the spot with a molecular fragrance created on site. Not least Chanel who has created practical travel kits where refills can be easily extracted and replaced.

The rechargeable skincare

Skincare is certainly one of the beauty products that wear out more quickly. You know that if you apply a thorough routine both in the morning and in the evening, products like serums, creams and the like will run out at lightning speed (and that’s more than good for your skin).

There skincare, however, it is one of the production lines that most use plastic and bottles derived from oil processing. But, even here, the brands are one step ahead and are creating refills and refills.

Fenty Skin, Hydra Vizor refill

Tata Harper, Water-lock moisturizer refill

Dermalogica, Daily microfoliant refill

L’Occitane, Eco-refill Cream Harmonie Divine

Dior Prestige La Crème Refill 50ml

Moisturizers, sunscreens, scrubs: these are just some of the products dedicated to skincare that you can find in refill format. Nothing could be simpler: once the product is finished you can go and buy the refill capsule. In this way, the active ingredients contained within the moisturizers will not come into contact with the air until when they are opened.

Bodycare that can be recharged

How many, but seriously, how many bottles of shampoo, shower gel and various soaps can you count on the shelf of your shower or scattered around the tub? Many? Maybe too many, we tell you and the environment too. For this reason, in addition to starting a new product only and only after finishing another, you can opt for refills dedicated to the body and hair.

Susanne Kaufmann, Cleansing Gel Refill

Wild natural, Refillable deodorant

OUAI Thick Hair Shampoo Refill

Compagnie de Provence, Fresh Verbena Liquid Soap Refill

Have you ever thought that even the deodorant can be refilled? It is the commitment of Wild natural which offers a new product in an aluminum body and product refills. In addition, it is possible to subscribe to a subscription service to never risk running out of it. Not least Cleansing Gel Refill by Susanne Kaufmann, which has proposed its refill made from 75% post-consumer plastic (rHDPE), 100% recyclable and lighter than a standard bottle (-60%).

Make-up you can reuse

Don’t trust anyone who says it’s impossible to finish a lipstick, powder or eyeshadow. If you are a make-up lover you know very well that the make-up ends, even too quickly, and in some cases it is really a shame to throw away tremendously beautiful bullets or palettes. Here too refill philosophy has dominated for years because, in addition to limiting waste, it also allows for a strong customization of some products.

Charlotte Tilbury, Carina’s Star: Coral Refillable Lipstick

Mac, Pro Palette Eye Shadow X15

KVD beauty, Shade + Light Refillable Face Contour Palette

Lush, vintage lipstick holder

Mulac, Refill system pray 12

Being able to create a palette with the colors and finishes that you like the most is not an impossible dream, it just takes a bit of perseverance, patience and the right base. Mac, Pro Palette Eye Shadow. A professional product that can hold up to 15 eyeshadows of your favorite colors. And if you love retro looks, Lush which has always fought for zero waste has created a series of interchangeable lipsticks with a truly unmissable vintage style case.

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