Magnetic false eyelashes without glue, how to use them and where to buy them


Magnetic fine lashes are the quick and easy answer for all the girls who have always loved false lashes but never managed to put them on. Featuring a small line of magnets, they are quickly applied with a simple click, making the look Bambi-proof in a matter of seconds… having a “magnetic look” has never been easier!

Magnetic fine lashes: what they are

Innovative and easy to use, magnetic false eyelashes seem to have revolutionized the world of make-up thanks to the simplicity with which they can be applied and removed. No glue and tweezers to apply the magnetic false eyelashes you just need a little familiarity.

Already loved by all makeup artists all over the world, they allow to halve the application times on celebrities and models and are depopulating on social networks where they have found their largest audience: beauty addicted.

Practical and functional, they are 100% the ultimate beauty obsession, ideal for those who want an intense and sensual look without applying too much mascara. Launched on the market by the American brand One Two Cosmetics, today on the market it is possible to find the most varied magnetic fine lashes depending on the price and material.

Magnetic fine lashes: how to apply

Made of synthetic fibers, they do not need glue, because they stick thanks to a tiny row of magnets that make the two parts adhere to the eye, enclosing the natural lashes – in a sort of sandwich – without stress and without too much difficulty.

Before devoting yourself to the application, it is recommended devote yourself to makeup, then use eyeliner and mascara before using magnetic false eyelashes.

Applying magnetic false eyelashes: step by step

  1. Approach one of the two magnetic false eyelashes to your eye (the one with the magnet facing down).
  2. Place the magnetic false eyelash on top of your natural lashes, making sure that the parts fit together.
  3. Place the part of the lashes with the magnet facing up.
  4. do match the two portions of magnetic false eyelashes and make the magnets stick perfectly.

Magnetic false eyelashes with eyeliner

After the arrival of magnetic false eyelashes their version 2.0 is already available, that is, the magnetic false eyelashes with eyeliner.

This new technology further facilitates the application of the lashes, eliminating the two bands of magnets and creating a liquid eyeliner that polarizes the lashes, allowing it to be applied even more easily.

magnetic false eyelashes

How to apply magnetic eyeliner and magnetic lashes?

For this type of product, it is essential to clarify the method of application. On the Ardell website (leading brand in the creation of false eyelashes) you can find a detailed tutorial to follow step by step.

There are two steps, but they must be performed correctly in order to allow the correct success of the application.

  1. apply two coats of magnetic eyeliner on the eyelid.
  2. apply the magnetic eyelashes when the eyeliner is still wet.

What shape to give magnetic eyeliner?

Obviously you can create any type of eyeliner shape you want but you have to pay attention to the amount of product you apply. Among the trendiest makeup iseyeliner with an elongated tail, although very glamorous usually we tend to start with a thinner line towards the inside of the eye to recreate the fuller tail towards the outside.

In this case it is crucial to evaluate it eyeliner thickness in the inner part of the eye, otherwise the magnetic eyelash it could come off during the day. It is very important to remember that the magnet has its own thickness, even if only a few millimeters, and must be kept in the line of eyeliner so that the lashes have the right space for anchoring.

How to smooth out magnetic eyeliner

As for it make-up removal ofmagic eyeliner, after gently removing the magnetic false eyelash it is necessary to use an oily or biphasic product.

Magnetic false eyelashes: how long they last

If you treat them with care magnetic false eyelashes they can be very long-lasting, up to 8-10 applications. Conservation is decisive, once removed they must be cleaned with one delicate make-up remover (and in the case of eyeliner magnetic from the product) and placed in their special container.

One Two Cosmetics, Natural effect magnetic false eyelashes. Price: $ 69

KISS, Magnetic Eyeliner Kit for Magnetic Eyelashes. Price: 14 €

ArtDeco, Magnetic Eyeliner & Lashes Kit. Price: 27 €

Mroobest, Magnetic Eyeliner, Magnetic False Eyelashes. Price. € 16.99

Ardell, Magnetic Accents. Price: € 18.90

Eylure, Magnetic angular eyelashes. Price: € 15.90

LashSecret, Magnetic Lash. Price: 20 €

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