Macarena García's honeycomb dress is pure summer (and is on sale)


Macarena García She is one of the most beloved and popular actresses in the country (and sister of one of Los Javis) and, although we do not usually analyze her looks outside the red carpet, this was worth it. And a lot. Because the actress announced that she was becoming the new image of Zalando, the multi-brand online sales website, and incidentally she put us on the track of one of the most popular summer trends: the honeycomb. That technique of gathered embroidery that almost all of us have worn as children and that is now a must. The actress wore a red and white mini dress on a wonderful lawn in a very summery photo. A breath of fresh air for the actress who celebrated her years in full confinement without being able to celebrate it with her family and friends.

To tell her fans about her premiere as Zalando's ambassador, the actress has chosen a summer dress from the firm Cecilie copenhagen, for sale on the digital platform, which also is on sale. It cost 144.95 euros but now it costs 86.95. Obviously, between the discount and the beauty that Macarena has left, many of us have gone straight to adding it to our virtual shopping cart but … surprise! It is running out. There are no units left in size XS and the rest already warn us: there are very few left.

Normal, the dress that the actress has chosen – the model is called Judith and is made of 100% cotton – is mini, elastic, with straps, in a very flattering red with a honeycomb, one of the summer trends. It is also available in blue and white.

This is the Judith dress, from the firm Cecilie copenhagen, that Macarena Garc & iacute; a is wearing and is for sale in Zalando. & iexcl; And discounted!

This is the Judith dress, from the firm Cecilie copenhagen, worn by Macarena García and is for sale in Zalando. And discounted!

Do you sign up for the honeycomb? We are already unconditional fans. And if Macarena García wears it, even more.

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