Lucat Beauty bets on striking look for Christmas and New Year's makeup


From the most glamorous to the most delicate, everyone has their space at the Christmas dinner table and at the New Year's party. To complete the look you choose, makeup cannot be without a powerful look and for that, the Lucat Beauty, a specialist brand of fake eyelashes made of human hair, suggests some of their special models to be the best company for the holidays.

First of all, the makeups for these occasions call for good false eyelashes and to ensure a striking look and highlight the beauty of the woman, Lucat Beauty eyelashes are available in single, 2D and 3D versions, are hypoallergenic and can be reused even 10 times, offering the same naturalness and comfort already characteristic of the brand.

Check out the models:

For the more discreet, who want a more natural look, the model D-Wispy Single It has a thin and delicate base with a single layer produced by hand. According to makeup artist Lú Ramos, “Single is ideal to start the day. He is very powerful and looks up, ”he says.

False Eyelashes Lucat Beauty
Lucat Beauty False Eyelashes are synonymous with powerful look

Manually produced with two layers, the Lucat 218 2D It is, at the same time, a good choice for women who like to combine naturalness with a more striking look and a volume of charming eyelashes. “2D is also very cool. It is indicated for the most sophisticated makes, such as a production for a wedding, an award, for a presentation ”, emphasizes the makeup artist.

False Eyelashes are Lucat Beauty's bets for the holiday look

Who wants a more glamorous look, because they want to rock the selfie, can bet on the model BM-R BA11 Black. In short, 3D models have three layers per strand, highlighting the look by making it bulkier, elongated and intense. “3D is for this woman who wants to look super striking, who wants to wear this eyelash with a powerful red mouth, for example. Surprisingly, 3D also circulates well in the artistic world, in the fashion world, in parades, theater, musicals. He is ideal for that, ”says Lú Ramos.

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