Love for these comfortable heeled sandals that have just arrived at Primark because they go with everything and stylize the legs


We already know that this year comfort and versatility They have become the essential characteristics when it comes to dressing. A trend that, of course, has also reached footwear. Therefore, this season they take the flat sandals How are you from Zara Kids, the padded ones or the comfortable heel like these from Stradivarius that copy some luxury ones. And of this last style we have found some in Primark that they will steal your heart.

It is a model of sandals that we have signed among the novelties of the British giant and we have loved it for several reasons. They are sandals of thin strips of thin horizontal strips that can also be tucked into the finger thanks to a central knot. Straps that continue to the ankle and are long enough to tie around the ankle or leg. Finally, they have a square wide heel not very high.

They cost 16 euros and are available in color black, but also in a metallic gold more daring and eye-catching. And we think they are a perfect option not only because of their super cheap price and because of their beautiful design, but also because they seem to be the most comfortable thanks to that wide heel and because the straps that are tied get a visual effect of stylized and longer legs.

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They are the most! And furthermore, lThe available colors are super wearable and go with everything. The black ones, more for the day to day, you can add them to any look; The metallic ones can seem more at night, but they can be perfect to add a touch of color to any basic outfit. We like them!

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