Looks with cut-out garments, the most flattering trend that triumphs on Instagram


Your clothes do not lack fabric. It’s about the
cut-out trend. That is, garments with openings. These suggestive pieces are everywhere
Instagram and star in the
summer wardrobe of ‘influencers’ and famous. The pros are many: they are comfortable, fresh, flattering and sensual. The point is, we all have our insecurities and are not particularly enthusiastic about showing certain parts of our body. But, this fashion tries to get rid of prejudices and gain self-confidence. By revealing just a little skin,
fits all body types and it allows us to go safe with, for example, a great dress that shows a small part of our waist.

This summer is to jump into the pool. After months at home, with the spirits on the ground, laziness to get rid of the
Pijama or tracksuit, and without seeing a way out, it was time to come up. Here we are, more beautiful and stronger than ever, ready to enjoy, to live in the moment and
show off the body. Trust is the key to
beauty. We want
daring silhouettes! And, that is why the trend has come into our lives
‘cut-out’. Life is full of contrasts and this summer we went from baggy to tight.

For those who are thinking that it is a bit ordinary to teach … Error. Again, there are openings and cutouts of all kinds: back, sides, belly, cleavage, shoulders, the upper part of the abdomen. It can be a delicate wink, or it can go with everything. The choice is yours. But, if a referent of
elegance like the model
Rosie Huntington-Whiteley, has fallen in love with these garments, it is undeniable not to give them a chance. Like everything, it depends on how you wear it and what you combine it with, this is how the resulting look will be: subtle or daring.

This season the most common (and popular) is to find the
‘cut-out’ in dresses and tops
light fabrics or natural, with
halter neck Y
back to the air. As for the tones, the fashion experts bet on neutrals such as black, white or beige. Although, we can also find printed garments or with vibrant colors.

The advice of the ‘influencers’ is that you combine these garments with
accessories very ‘minimal’, like hoop earrings and fine chains, all in gold. A
baguette bag 90s style, some
flip flops type ‘mule’ and a
low bun, and you will get a super summery, elegant and polished look.

Clever. To celebrate our bodies, it has been said!

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