Looking for a last minute New Years Eve look? The Stradivarius super-discounted brilli-brilli garments tab


There are those who have joined the original and fun pajama team, those who have opted for the ‘ugly’ jersey or those who have decided not to give up the sequins Even though we are at home And if you are one of the last and still do not have what to wear, this information interests you. We understand you, we are also to leave everything to the last moment, however, this year we have the perfect solution. Stradivarius birlli-billi collection is on sale and many discounts.

If you want to add a garment that you can combine with something you already have at home and that does not mean spending too much, Stradivarius has different models of sequin tops for all tastes and style. We have stayed with this draped straps which is lowered to 9.09 euros and that is available in color silver gray, bronze or electric blue. Add some black jeans or pants and … done!

For those who prefer this garment but a warmer model, since the cold is very tight this New Year’s Eve, there is a super bright option that has made us fall in love. A Lilac sequin high neck long sleeve cropped top that is lowered to 18.19 euros.

Now, if you are one of those who bet everything on brightness there are also several models of dresses of this fabric. One in the same color as the previous top or this one in bronze, straight cut and sequins that is lowered to 18.19 euros. A tip to dress it up? Add underneath a turtleneck or even a white shirt and you will subtract elegance and you will be much warmer.

And finally, we propose to add the sequins with a skirt. This is probably the easiest to combine, as you can add a chubby and warm sweater with boots and stockings. East lilac pattern that has the matching top and is lowered to 13.99 euros we love.

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