Liquid lipstick, how to wear it and avoid mistakes


Liquid lipstick, what a passion! But are we really sure we are using it correctly? Here are the most common mistakes (and how to avoid them) that almost all of us make and that, without knowing it, damage the performance of our make-up.

Convenient to use and available in many shades, to adapt perfectly to every type of occasion. Liquid lipstick is undoubtedly a “Nevermore without”To always keep in your bag and close at hand. Able to transform and enhance your look in very few moves and to last for a long time. Even under the mask. Obviously if you do apply correctly.

Precisely because it is easy to use, in fact, you risk doing it in a distracted way and without following those small useful tricks to get a perfect make-up. But what are the most common mistakes (and which almost all of us make) when applying liquid lipstick?

Forgetting to moisturize your lips

One of the most common mistakes when putting on liquid lipstick is to think that a brushstroke of make-up is enough to get a perfect make-up. It is not so. There preparation of the lipsin fact, it is essential to ensure correct application of the product and good color retention. This is why it is very important exfoliate and hydrate them, always keeping them smooth, soft and healthy.

To do this, simply pass a soft bristle toothbrush or a delicate scrub, capable of remove any cuticles. And moisturize the part with a cocoa butter or lip balm before applying the liquid lipstick. Obviously leaving it time to penetrate to prevent your lipstick from slipping too much.

liquid lipstick lip balm

Mishandling the brush

It may seem trivial, but most of the time an inaccurate or smudged makeup comes from bad brush grip. Precisely because it is liquid, in fact, this lipstick needs precision and a steady hand to be put in a workmanlike manner. Thus avoiding tremors or movements that are too fast or imprecise. All factors that would compromise the application of color and the success of your make-up.

liquid lipstick kiss

To do this, therefore, it is essential to follow very few and simple steps:

  • grip the brush firmly, with more than two fingers, making sure that the grip is firm;
  • starting from the center of the mouth and continuing outwards;
  • dwell on the contour of the lips, slowing down the application to avoid coming out of the edge and creating smudges (an error that can still be remedied by wetting a cotton swab with micellar water and eliminating everything).

liquid lipstick drafting

Don’t use lip liner

How many of us don’t use the lip pencil before liquid lipstick? Surely a lot. And the reasons are essentially two: the lack of time and the fact that it is not a technique you were familiar with. On the first it is good to remember that the application of liquid lipstick requires the time needed and the right precision (otherwise better opt for a classic lipstick). For the second we remedy immediately.

liquid lipstick pencil 2

To get a perfect make-up, in fact, it is essential outline the contour of the lips with a pencil (aspect to keep in mind with all types of lipstick, with the liquid one in particular). In this way, in addition to avoiding going out from the edge and causing annoying smudges, you can fill the small folds of the lips, smoothing the surface and guaranteeing the color to settle in a way homogeneous and with a greater seal.

liquid lipstick pencil

Go through the makeup several times

A habit especially of cocoa butter fans (with which you tend to make two or three passes and repeat the application several times during the day), but extremely wrong when it comes to liquid lipsticks. This product, in fact, is designed to last a long time and, therefore, tends to dry out completely on the lips.

double liquid lipstick

If on the one hand you are sure that make-up resists anything, on the other hand letting yourself be taken by the uncontrollable desire for retouching can damage your make-up. Going to form unwanted lumps and inaccuracies. If you really notice some parts that need an adjustment, then, better to use your fingers. Putting some color on your fingertips and tapping on the desired area.

liquid lipstick fingers

Forget the fastening

Ok, this trick is perhaps not so obvious. But knowing it will surely guarantee you a more beautiful and lasting make-up. A trick from true professionals liquid lipstick, in fact, is that of apply a face powder to fix the product more on the lips, preventing the color from smudging. The powder can be applied either after the liquid lipstick or, for one definitely strong hold, even before. Let’s see how.

How powder is applied to the lips

As mentioned, to guarantee a longer duration to your lipstick by fixing it with powder, you can choose between different methods of application. Obviously always opting for a very fine product and strictly in dust.

Powder under the lipstick

Keeping in mind that the lips must not be chapped or dry, before completing the make-up base for the face you pass gently a little bit of powder on the lips too. Going to make everything uniform and preparing the mouth for the lipstick moment.

Powder over the lipstick

To fix the liquid lipstick after putting it on, simply dab with a brush or sponge a little powder on the lips. Creating a sort of protective patina of the color, and guaranteeing it a very long duration.

Powder over the lipstick with a tissue

Another way to use the powder over the lipstick is to use a tissue. A single layer will be enough that you will have to place on the lips, over the lipstick. Then with a brush you pass the powder over the tissue, ensuring you use it only the quantity needed.

powder liquid lipstick

A few simple steps that will help you put your liquid lipstick on correctly. To achieve a truly perfect and long-lasting make-up.

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